Sonic the Hedgehog: Megadriven
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Sonic the Hedgehog: Megadriven

A new mod/hack of Sonic named Megadriven demo 3 is here! Now with 5 acts.


  • TheDarkParadox and Darkex for creating the base
  • Pronic maked the title screen logo
  • Classic Sonic Sprites by cartoonsanimate22
  • Modern Sonic by Spiritmaster
  • Sunset Coast, Destroyed Castle, Robotnikland and Level Completed music by Mr. Joker 27
  • Invincibility music by Dafter SMPS (also called Chron D)
  • Level Desings by Darkex, Super Sonic 321, Mr Joker 27 and Genesis blast the wowolf
  • Level art by Super Sonic 321
  • Beta testing by Mario64503, TheDarkParadox, saan1ty (he played the xmas demo on real hardware), AXEL and Mr Joker 27 and Blacky Gaming for uploading this build to YouTube
  • Dewmer Dewar for his Double Jump code (from Sonic Overloaded with the permisions of AXEL)
  • The Super Peel-Out and the Metallic Gadget assets are from the “SCD Art Test” Open-Source disasm of LuigiXhero
  • Rings physics, title screen modifications, no speedcap, spindash, and more stuff like that are from the SSRG/SonicRetro/MDDC tutorials
  • MegaPCM Sound Driver by vladikcomper (thanks Dewar for port it to Github disasm)
  • HUD by Super Sonic 321
  • In memory of TheDarkParadox

Just Have Fun!