Sonic Delta (Sonic Delta Next)
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Sonic Delta (Sonic Delta Next)


Sonic 2 Delta is a cool hack of Sonic where the goal is to restore several deleted levels and prototype elements to Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

The game has approximately 37 Levels, The number can be less, depending of the character chosen..

The order of levels is directly as shown in the newly implemented Data Select menu:

  • Green Hill Zone: Straight from Sonic 1!
  • Emerald Hill Zone: Contains prototype layout elements, and the Coconut badniks are replaced with the scrapped Snail badniks.
  • Winter Hill Zone: The graphics that are used are unlike any descriptions ever given of the winter level, other than the winter setting. There are trees present but not Christmas trees. Also, no graphics from the (also scrapped) desert level, Dust Hill Zone, are reused; this differs from the official team’s plans for it to be largely a palette-swap (similar to what Hill Top Zone is of Emerald Hill Zone). The BGM and boss used are those of Marble Zone from Sonic 1.
  • Wood Zone: The graphics are similar to what is seen in the Simon Wai prototype. It uses a different BGM (2 player Emerald Hill Zone, but slower). It reuses the ARZ Boss.
  • Dust Hill Zone: Uses graphics similar to the mockup screenshot of Dust Hill Zone that was featured in many magazines. It’s a desert-only setting. The BGM used is from Oil Ocean Zone but slower. The boss of Emerald Hill Zone is reused for this level, with no alterations.
  • Chemical Plant Zone: Small minor alterations were made, such as the loops having slanted corners, like in the prototype.
  • Labyrinth Zone: From Sonic 1.
  • Neo Green Hill Zone: Sonic 2’s ARZ with its prototype name, and music.
  • Star Light Zone: From Sonic 1.
  • Casino Night Zone: As mentioned previously, it has been reverted to its beta form.
  • Marble Zone: From Sonic 1.
  • Hill Top Zone
  • Spring Yard Zone: From Sonic 1.
  • Mystic Cave Zone
  • Hidden Palace Zone: The graphics and layout are the same as those found in the Nick Arcade prototype. The BGM used is the same that was used in the final version of Sonic 2. A lift can be found on the long ramp; this was unused in the Nick Arcade prototype. The previous zone’s boss is repeated in this zone.
  • Oil Ocean Zone – ‘beta style’, with different music and the ride-able balls found in the betas.
  • Metropolis Zone
  • Genocide City Zone: The background graphics of Oil Ocean Zone are reused but in a night-time setting. The foreground also reuses graphics from Chemical Plant Zone. Despite having 2 acts, there is no act marker on the title card. Water can be found in Act 2. The Chemical Plant Zone boss is reused here.
  • Scrap Brain Zone: From Sonic 1.
  • Final Zone: Also from Sonic 1.
  • Sky Fortress Zone
  • Sky Chase Zone
  • Death Egg Zone: Slightly different in that: A. You get 3 rings to start the zone, and B. The music is from the beta.


  • The Taxman – Sand Shower Art;
  • Mastered Realm – Extra Art in Sonic 2 Beta Title Screen;
  • Chron D” (Discord) – Robotnik Winter Music;
  • Pu7o – Labyrinth / Bridge ( Nineko ) 8 bits Music;
  • Volbby (Discord) – Number “3” art in title cards.

Updated to v0.77

Just Have Fun!