Sonic Renovation
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Sonic Renovation

Explore the Mystical Island with over 9 zones with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, and Amy.


Dr. Robotink, tired of being defeated by Sonic, decides to put his new plan into action. He collects 6 of the 7 chaos emeralds, and sends a letter to Sonic, saying he wants to make a challenge. Whoever puts them all together first can decide what to do with the island. Little does Sonic know, that this is a trap planned by the Doctor. He thinks it’s strange, but decides to accept it, because he’s already tired of having to defeat Robotinik so many times. This time, he wants to show that he is the best; so Sonic leaves for the island with his friends, who go to help end Dr. Robotinik’s evil plans. The doctor then learns that Sonic will be coming with his friends, after that, he creates a new Egg Robot and Metal Knuckles, he sends them to save Sonic’s friends, to attack them, when they arrive on the island. Robotinik knows Sonic has one of the 7 Chaos Emeralds, that’s why he planned it, to finish off Sonic, and control the island, while also keeping the 7 emeralds of chaos. Sonic now goes on another adventure, along with Tails, Knuckles, Mighty, and Amy to defeat Robotinik. Sonic says: “let’s save the mystical island, but this time, I’m going to take down Robotinik myself, so he doesn’t cause any more problems.”



the game songs were converted by Adriano Nost├ílgico, used the vgm2smps Win32 tool. and Dewmer converted the music of others from the mega drive to the hack. the arts were modified by Adriano and taken from games like Sonic CD and Sonic 3. and some unknown games. the character sprites were programmed by the Dewmer. Metal Sonic sprites were made by Metool Man. Metal Knuckles sprites were made by Dr Zuplow. Amy’s sprites were made by the Modgen team.

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