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In his first CD adventure, Sonic goes head-to-head with The Metal Sonic, Dr. Robotnik’s evil hedgehog creation! Sonic discovers Robotnik wants all of the Time Stones from The Little Planet so he can bend time and rule the world! Can you help Sonic get them first? Time-traveling through the past, present and future, Sonic explores over 50 levels of adventure, plus amazing bonus levels!

The evil Dr. Robotnik steals Little Planet over Never Lake, where special stones known as the Time Stones are found. The Time Stones are powerful gems that are capable of controlling the passage of time. Robotnik had his eye on these stones all along, ever since the planet appeared on the last month of the year. Upon locating Little Planet, Dr. Robotnik and his robot cronies immediately chain Little Planet down on a mountain with the face of Robotnik carved into the mountain, then Robotnik and the Badniks set about converting the world into a giant fortress. Sonic arrives on the scene to stop Robotnik from taking all the Time Stones that will allow him to manipulate time and conquer the world.

Using his unrivaled speed, Sonic must travel through the past, present and future of each Zone to ensure a good future and to find Dr. Robotnik’s latest invention, Metal Sonic. At the end of the stage Palmtree Panic, Sonic meets the soon-to-be recurring character Amy Rose, who, much to his dismay at first, has a massive crush on him. As he enters Collision Chaos, Amy follows him, and Metal Sonic swoops in and kidnaps her. Now Sonic must rescue Amy as well as defeat Robotnik. The doctor also makes an appearance at the end of every round. Once in Stardust Speedway, Sonic encounters Metal Sonic and the two raced against each other, with the doctor flying closely behind. Should the hedgehog outrace his metallic doppelganger, Metal Sonic gets struck by Dr. Robotnik’s laser, leaving him out of the picture for the time being as Sonic is able to rescue Amy.

At the end of the game, depending on whether all of the Time Stones have been collected or if a good future has been ensured in every single zone, the game will end in either a good future or a bad future. In the good ending, Sonic and Amy land back on Sonic’s world as Little Planet orbits away in freedom. In the bad ending, Sonic and Amy come home, but Robotnik escapes with a Time Stone. As he gloats of his victory, Sonic throws a rock at him, apparently bringing him down. The credits are identical in both endings, but the after-credits scenes are different. In the good ending, Little Planet’s mythical seeds will land on the ground and many of its flowers will come into existence and the game tells the player “You’re Too Cool!”; in the bad ending, a time warp will ensue overhead, restoring the ruined mountain and its grip on the doomed Little Planet in an instant as the player is told to “try again and save Little Planet forever.” (fandom wiki)


  • Palmtree Panic: A tropical level with mountains and waterfalls in the background. The past features a more prehistoric looking Palmtree Panic. The bad future is completely mechanized with smog in the air and oil in the water. The good future is also mechanized, but bright, vivid, colorful, and clean, with potted plants and trees adorning the area as well.
  • Collision Chaos: An unusual mechanized forest with an established casino. In the past, Collision Chaos shows a rather surreal, orange tinted forest. The bad future is dark and creepy with gray machines. The good future shows a bright pink and blue futuristic paradise.
  • Tidal Tempest: An underwater area at the base of a volcano. In the past, it’s an underground cavern, untouched by man or machine. The bad future shows a broken down, polluted, over-industrialized water plant. In the good future, Tidal Tempest is a fully operational turquoise aquarium harboring much plant life and fish. The water level appears to have risen over time: it’s low in the past, higher in the present, and at its highest in either future.
  • Quartz Quadrant: Quartz Quadrant is a busy place with conveyor belts and platforms. The appearance of this level changes drastically throughout each time zone. It is a swamp in the past with hardly any technology, but a large quantity of quartz. It’s an active mine and partially a swamp in the present. It is an overly mechanized mine with apparently no quartz in the bad future. It is an underground golden-colored city that is possibly made of quartz in the good future.
  • Wacky Workbench: A factory level located in a canyon. The past features an early construction of the Workbench. In the bad future, the level is ruined and rusty, while the good future shows an advanced pink/purple plant similar to that of a fictional toy factory.
  • Stardust Speedway: One of the fastest rounds in Sonic history. Stardust Speedway is a highway adorned with musical instruments above an enormous city. In the past, the land is old, ancient, resembling a Roman city, and vines adorn the highway as there is little to no technology to speak of. It also has Gothic-styled building in zone’s center. In the bad future, Stardust Speedway has become a corrupted, polluted dystopian city underneath a large electrical storm with a completed statue of Robotnik in the zone’s center. The good future looks like a giant futuristic amusement park, with bright pink and green colors dominating the landscape with a beautiful cathedral in the center of Zone 2.
  • Metallic Madness: Robotnik’s base of operations on the Little Planet. The past shows the base still in construction with cranes adorning the skyline, while in the bad future, Metallic Madness is a dark, sinister completely broken-down base ruined from neglect. The good future still shows a mechanized factory, but it has become more in tune with nature, as though Robotnik was never there.



  • placed on its arms. His machine’s feet are protected with spikes, making it difficult to attack from the front. The player will need to reach the machine’s head, and then destroy the arms. Then, Robotnik isn’t protected. Once his machine is defeated, Robotnik will fly away with a jet-pack strapped to his back. If the player obtains the invincibility at the beginning and quickly gets to Robotnik while it is still in effect, he can be defeated very easily.
  • Collision Chaos boss: Robotnik’s Egg Mobile is strapped to a metal table where he will sit there laughing until Sonic can reach him and destroy his machine. The layout of the boss arena is a giant pinball-like maze where the player must hit the flippers and launch Sonic in the right direction. Then, the player can jump up and hit Robotnik’s vehicle, and he will fly away in his Egg Mobile.
  • Tidal Tempest boss: As Sonic chases after Robotnik, hitting his machine about four times, Robotnik will flee into the water. Once Sonic approaches, Robotnik takes a bunch of air bubbles to surround him (proving to be a big mistake, because Sonic can grab air to survive underwater), and will shoot four electric pulses while passing through the middle to the other side. After destroying most of the shield, Robotnik is basically a free target. Then, the water will fall down, revealing dry land and a capsule with flower seeds.
  • Quartz Quadrant boss: Robotnik appears in a tubular control area where a set of spikes guards the place from where Sonic came from, and a mine dropper that Robotnik controls. Sonic will need to run on the moving conveyor belt, but also avoid the mines Robotnik drops (Which will split into four tiny ones). After some big efforts, Robotnik’s machine will crash and he will run away, giving Sonic room to complete the level.
  • Wacky Workbench boss: The new machine designed by Robotnik is a giant rocket where he sits inside, piloting it. Once hit, Robotnik will get angry, and make four blocks fall down (on the third one, spikes will fall). Then, an electromagnetic shock will be made on the floor, causing the blocks to rise. Once Robotnik’s rocket is destroyed, a massive explosion will occur, and Robotnik will run away.
  • Metal Sonic: Once reaching Metal Sonic, Robotnik will appear in the Egg Mobile and then uses a laser blaster, burning the track before the race. During the race, if Sonic falls too far behind, he will be destroyed by Robotnik. If Metal beats Sonic, the door will close behind Metal and Sonic will get zapped by Robotnik. If Sonic beats Metal, the door will close behind Sonic, Metal Sonic will be destroyed, and Robotnik can’t breach the door. Sonic will have saved Amy Rose, and the level will end.
  • Metallic Madness boss: Robotnik’s final machine consists of a ball-shaped pod, with four giant rectangular blocks to protect his vehicle. He can use them to walk, shoot, and bounce. They will rotate around his pod, going at higher speeds each time he loses one. Each time Robotnik is hit, one of the blocks will fall off. Once the machine is destroyed, the factory starts exploding, and Amy Rose appears. To secure a good ending after this boss, Sonic either needs to collect all the Time Stones or create a good future in every single zone of the game.