Sonic Powered
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Sonic Powered


It’s Sonic Powered! Play as either Sonic or Ray in this canceled 6 stage adventure!

Sonic can perform the Stomp Dash. Press C in the air to plummet yourself downwards, and keep holding C to perform a dash! You can chain multiple together for maximum speed.

Ray can Glide. Press and hold C, then press forward to dive, and back to rise! Totally not the exact same code that I provided for Iso Kilo’s Ray in Sonic 1.

Here are the key features of this hack…

6 Brand New Levels
2 Playable Characters With Unique Abilities
All-New Soundtrack featuring MegaPCM
Unfinished Custom Sprites for Sonic based off of ModGEN’s Modern Sonic
Minor Gameplay Tweaks

Developed by SMS-Alfredo.

Just Have Fun!