Sonic 3C Delta
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Sonic 3C Delta


Sonic 3C Delta is a hack of Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (& Knuckles).

It is a compilation of early/unused content for Sonic The Hedgehog 3, including early music, layouts, graphics, concepts, and more.

The hack currently includes all the zones from the first half of Sonic 3, including Flying Battery Zone in its original placement and the 3 Bonus Stages.

General Changes:

  • Original zone order.
  • Improved prototype soundtrack.
  • Prototype inspired level layouts.
  • New title screen and menu art.
  • New cutscenes.
  • Prototype graphics and art.


  • Programming:
    • Chainspike, SyntaxTsundere, Rivet, Inferno, Zummone, Fred Bronze, vladikcomper, lavagaming1
  • Beta Testers:
    • MechaKnuckles, sonic c32ttb1, Xebninmaj Sark, Zummone, Inferno, Volbby, JayKuriN, PhoniexVania, Sprite, EmmaNerd, SyntaxTsundere, Legobouwer9, Rodotnik, Sumi, GigglyMan
  • Graphics:
    • Chainspike, MechaKnuckles, Volbby, Trickster, SyntaxTsundere, BladeOfChaos, mcginnis03, Hexagonal, JoeyTheRabbit, EmmaNerd
  • Sound:
    • Chainspike, MechaKnuckles, Inferno, Flamewing

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