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Go on an adventure with Pocahontas from the classic Disney movie. A classic retro game developed and released for the Sega genesis now you can experience online.

Overcome obstacles and learn new abilities. Follows the plot of the movie, but with many variations in situations and events.

Throughout the game, Pocahontas have the abilities to take control of different animals, each of who will lend her a bit of their ‘power’, that is used to solve puzzles.


Pocahontas : You play as her, she was sent by her father to spy on the English
men. She’s from the Amerindian tribe.

Meeko : He’s Pocahontas’ friend, a joyful raccoon. You can play as him too by
pressing C on the controller.

John Smith : One of the English men. He and Pocahontas are in love.

Ratcliffe : The leader of the English men. He’s the bad guy.

Kocoum : He was choosen to marry Pocahontas but she doesn’t like him.


Animal Spirits : There are 9 animal spirits to collect and each gives you a
different power.

Berries : Only Meeko can get them. There are 60 to collect in total.

Feathers : With these, Pocahontas can use the Bird’s spirit power, she can
have 4 at a time.

Leaves : You start the game with a certain number of leaves. If you get hurt,
you loose 1 leaf. If you loose them all, the game’s over.

Pile of leaves : If you step in a pile of leaves, the next time you die, you
will start back at this point of the game.

Necklaces : There are 5 necklaces to collect in total.


Switching characters : You can switch characters from Pocahontas to Meeko by
pressing the C button.

Running/Sprinting : After you got the Deer Spirit, press A while walking to
start running. Press A again to start sprinting.

Diving/Swimming : After you got the Otter Spirit, jump from a high cliff to
dive. You can then swim too.

Swimming faster : After you got the Fish Spirit, press A while swimming to
start swimming faster.

Climbing : After you got the Squirrel Spirit, jump toward a tree branch to
grab it. You can now climb up trees like that.

Gliding : After you got the Bird Spirit, collect a feather and jump from a
high cliff. Press A while falling to start floating in the air and
land safely on the ground.

Sneaking : After you got the Wolf Spirit, press DOWN and LEFT or RIGHT on the
controller to sneak under/behind bushes.

Animal Spirits

Deer : Allow you to run/sprint.

Otter : Allow you to dive/swim.

Bird : Allow you to fall from heights.

Squirrel : Allow you to climb.

Fish : Allow you to swim faster.

Wolf : Allow you to sneak.

Bear : Allow you to afraid settlers.

Owl : Allow you to see in the dark.

Eagle : Allow you to fall from high heights.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

Controller to Keyboard Mapping =

Only keyboard is required to play. Pretend your keyboard is the a game controller. Check the controller setting by clicking the "Set Up Keyboard" button at the bottom of the game. A console-to-keyboard mapping will be displayed, for example, a - Z, mean "a" button on console/joystick is equal to Z key on your keyboard.

Start/Pause = Enter

Default Keyboard Mapping
Inside The Game Your Keyboard
Move/D-PAD =[W],[A],[S],[D] on Keyboard
A, B, C Button =[J],[K],[L] on Keyboard
X, Y, Z Button =[U],[I],[O] on Keyboard
START,MODE =[Enter], [SPACE-BAR] on Keyboard

You can change the controller to whatever you want.

SAVE progress anytime to your local computer and come back later and load it up by using the "Save State" and "Load State" button at the bottom.

*Must use CHROME browser to click play.