The Revenge of Shinobi (Sega)
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The Revenge of Shinobi (Sega)

“The Revenge of Shinobi,” also known as “The Super Shinobi” in Japan, is a seminal hack-and-slash action game by Sega, first hitting the Sega Genesis in 1989. This game marks a significant chapter in the Shinobi series, not only for its early use of the Genesis platform but also for its rich narrative and engaging gameplay that expanded on the foundations set by its predecessor.


Set three years after the events of the original Shinobi, the story dives into the dark resurgence of the Zeed organization, now rebranded as “Neo Zeed.” This nefarious group seeks vengeance against the Oboro Ninja clan by targeting its members directly. They kill Joe Musashi’s master and kidnap his fiancée, Naoko, propelling Joe into a quest that spans the globe. Fueled by both revenge and the urgent need to rescue his bride, Joe confronts various dangers, immersing players in a tale of personal struggle and relentless pursuit.

Gameplay Mechanics

“The Revenge of Shinobi” employs classic side-scrolling mechanics that challenge players to navigate through eight diverse districts, each culminating in a battle against a distinct boss. Joe Musashi’s movements are controlled via the directional pad, while the A, B, and C buttons allow players to unleash attacks, perform jumps, and execute unique ninjutsu techniques.

Key features include:

  • Somersault Jump: A crucial move that not only enhances Joe’s jump height but allows him to unleash a barrage of shuriken in mid-air.
  • Layer Switching: Certain levels feature multiple layers that players can transition between using the somersault, adding a strategic depth to the platforming elements.
  • Ninjutsu Techniques: Joe can perform four special ninjutsu skills, offering powerful options in combat. These skills are limited to one use per life, adding a tactical layer to their use.

Power-ups and Challenges

Levels are dotted with crates containing power-ups that boost Joe’s arsenal or replenish health, alongside potentially hazardous time bombs that Joe must skillfully avoid. The game’s difficulty scales significantly with four settings that alter enemy presence, damage taken, and starting lives, which can be as few as one on the hardest setting.


The Revenge of Shinobi (Sega) is developed by sega.

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