Disney Sports: Basketball
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Disney Sports: Basketball


Disney Sports Basketball is an engaging sports video game developed by Konami in 2002, with versions for both the GameCube and Game Boy Advance. The game captures the magic of Disney with a fun, sports-themed twist, featuring iconic characters from the Disney universe.

Gameplay Overview

In Disney Sports Basketball, players have the opportunity to control various Disney-themed teams, each consisting of beloved characters. The game mechanics are tailored to the console:

  • Game Boy Advance Version: Teams have two members each, accommodating the handheld’s display and control capabilities, which suits a quicker, 2-on-2 game format.

During matches, players can utilize special accessories and power-ups that enhance the abilities of their team members, enabling them to perform spectacular moves like high jumps for dunks, swift blocks, and accurate shots.

Teams and Characters

The game features a diverse roster of teams, each led by a different Disney character, adding a unique charm to the gameplay. Here’s a rundown of the teams available in Disney Sports Basketball:

  • The Superstars: Led by Mickey Mouse.
  • The Charmers: Featuring Minnie Mouse.
  • The Seaducks: Captained by Donald Duck.
  • The Belles: Daisy Duck takes the lead.
  • The Spacenuts: Goofy heads this quirky team.
  • The TinyRockets: Includes Huey, Dewey, Louie, and José Carioca.
  • The Shifters: Led by Max Goof.
  • The Steamrollers: Commanded by Pete.
  • The Imperials: Mortimer Mouse leads this team.
  • Mickey’s All-Stars: Comprises Mickey, Minnie, and Huey.
  • Donald’s All-Stars: Includes Donald, Daisy, and Dewey.
  • Goofy’s All-Stars: Features Goofy, Max, and Louie.
  • Pete’s All-Stars: Consists of Pete, Mortimer, and the Big Bad Wolf.

Strategic Play and Team Dynamics

The game encourages strategic play through the selection of teams and the use of special abilities. Players must consider the strengths and weaknesses of their team members when facing off against opponents, making strategic decisions to capitalize on power-ups and character-specific skills.

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