Golden Axe (Sega)
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Golden Axe (Sega)

“Golden Axe,” released by Sega in 1989, stands as a seminal arcade game that carved a niche in the beat ’em up genre with its side-scrolling, hack and slash gameplay. Developed for the System 16-B arcade hardware, “Golden Axe” was born from the creative mind of Makoto Uchida, who also developed “Altered Beast.” The game’s success led to ports across various platforms, including the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and Master System.

Setting and Storyline

Set in the high fantasy medieval world of Yuria, reminiscent of Conan the Barbarian, “Golden Axe” presents a narrative where an evil entity known as Death Adder seizes the kingdom. He kidnaps the king and his daughter, holding them captive in their own castle. Furthermore, Death Adder secures the Golden Axe, Yuria’s magical emblem, and threatens destruction unless he is accepted as the ruler.

Characters and Quest

The game revolves around three warriors, each with personal vendettas against Death Adder. Gilius Thunderhead, a dwarf with a battle axe, seeks to avenge his twin brother. Ax Battler, a male barbarian wielding a broadsword, is driven by the murder of his mother. Lastly, Tyris Flare, an amazon with a longsword, joins the quest driven by the death of her parents at Death Adder’s hands. Their journey takes them from the ransacked Turtle Village, located on a giant turtle’s back, across the sea, and finally to the castle via a giant eagle.


Players select one of the three characters to take through a series of levels battling hordes of enemies and culminating in a confrontation with Death Adder himself. In some versions of the game, the story extends to fighting Death Adder’s mentor, Death Bringer, as the ultimate antagonist. Victory leads to the liberation of Yuria and the warriors receiving a magical golden axe bestowing immortality.


Golden Axe (Sega) is developed by sega.

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