Gradius Galaxies
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Gradius Galaxies


Gradius Galaxies, also known as Gradius Generation in Japan and Gradius Advance in Europe, is a side-scrolling shooter video game released exclusively for the Game Boy Advance in 2001 by Konami. It is the only installment of the Gradius series made for this system.

Plot: The peaceful Gradius system is thrust into chaos following the silent takeover of Ramiles, the fifth planet, after a meteorite strike. This meteorite, a relic from the destruction of the Bacterion fortress centuries prior, contained a DNA program that activated upon impact, quickly subjugating the planet. Amid the despair, the legendary Vic Viper spaceship appears, igniting a glimmer of hope among the beleaguered populace and setting the stage for a new battle.

Gameplay: Gradius Galaxies retains the classic gameplay of its predecessors, where players control the Vic Viper spacecraft to battle waves of enemies. Familiar features include the Power Meter, standard enemy types like Moais, and a similar weapons system to that of Gradius III, albeit with new tweaks such as a weapon edit mode and different weapon configurations. Players can choose from four weapon types—Balanced, Wide Area, Power, and Air-to-Ground—each distinguished by a unique color scheme for Vic Viper. The game offers two shield options and omits the S.Option, providing either automatic or manual weapon power-up assignments. Additionally, players can resume the game from completed stage checkpoints, enhancing gameplay flexibility.

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