Curious George (GBA)
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Curious George (GBA)

“Curious George” is a 2006 platform game that offers players a charming adventure through the antics and misadventures of George, the lovable monkey from the film of the same name. Published by Namco and developed by Monkey Bar Games for console platforms, and by Torus Games for the Game Boy Advance, this game captures the essence of George’s curious nature.


In “Curious George,” players control George across 13 linear levels that closely mirror the film’s storyline, complete with cutscenes taken directly from the movie. As George, players can jump, swing, and slide through various environments, collecting bananas and seeking out idols needed to progress through the levels. Additionally, players must find key hidden objects that unlock further parts of each level.

The environments are interactive, with highlighted objects that when explored, reward players with “curious points.” These points can be used to unlock a variety of bonus items, including different hats for George to wear and the ability to replay minigames and watch cutscenes again.

There are four minigames within the main game, three of which involve timing-based challenges that include a rhythm game where George dances to beats, and a balloon-breaking game critical for advancing in the levels.


The plot begins with Ted, a character voiced by Frank Welker, who finds an ancient but disappointingly small idol in an African jungle. After leaving the jungle, Ted unwittingly inspires George to follow him from the jungle to a cargo ship and eventually to the city. Each environment serves as a backdrop for levels that include navigating through a cargo ship, dancing with sailors, sneaking through an apartment to avoid a doorman, and causing chaos in a museum.

As the story unfolds, George’s curiosity leads him into various troubles and adventures in the city. After being evicted from an apartment and causing a disturbance at a museum, George and Ted end up taking refuge in a park. The game captures the whimsical and somewhat chaotic nature of George‚Äôs adventures as he follows Ted through urban landscapes, contributing to the narrative that many fans of the film and books will find endearing.

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