Brother Bear: GBA
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Brother Bear: GBA


A video game featuring the Brother Bear from the Disney’s Movie with 15 detailed levels.

“Disney’s Brother Bear” video game allows players to dive into the vibrant and detailed world of Kenai and Koda, straight from the beloved animated film. Set in lush, expansive forest environments, players can explore the game as Kenai and Koda, experiencing their journey through various natural settings. Unique to this game is the ability to transform into different animals—bears, wolves, crows, and eagles—each providing unique capabilities essential for navigating the forest and progressing in the game. Players will also encounter and interact with seven characters from the film, enriching the gameplay with familiar relationships and storylines. This interactive adventure offers fans of the movie a deeper immersion into the world of “Brother Bear,” blending exploration, transformation, and character interaction in a richly animated setting.

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