KC’s Sonic 1 Revamped
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KC’s Sonic 1 Revamped

KC’s Sonic 1 Revamped is an unfinished and cancelled Sonic the Hedgehog hack.

Eggman is believed to be planning on taking over the South Island and the Emeralds, but since Eggman doesn’t have enough resources this time around, he sent a Metal Sonic to take over the Emeralds and take over the world. As Eggman takes refuge in his lair, Metal Sonic tries to kill Sonic and everything in his path, Eggman will control and watch Metal Sonic’s every step to ruin the landscape and take over the South Island and the world.

KCEXE: Main director of the hack. Sonic sprites and some music.
Mr. Joker27 Productions: Level design, music, beta tester.
Dynamic Palletes by PsychoSk8r.
Sonic 2 Clone driver by Clownacy.
SplicerFusion (Map layout, former)
GSonic15 (Enemy art, misc)
Valentin the Fox (Level art, LZ and SLZ)

Just Have Fun!