FNF vs Pokemon Wooper
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FNF vs Pokemon Wooper


A mod of Friday Night Funkin where Boyfriend sing-and-dance with a Pokemon of the Wooper species they stumble upon while visiting the Safari Zone.

BF and GF heard of a rare mythical Pokemon within the Safari Zone….but all they found was a Wooper.


  • Safari
  • Critical

Mod Credit:

The game is free, so if you had fun and would like to keep up-to-update on the mod, make sure to support mod creators anyway you can like on their social media by subscribing, following, liking, etc.

  • Artist
  • Coders
    • Jatotz: Helped with offsets
    • NoiceBroice/BatBrice: Created the rare event and did anything remaining
    • saqzar: Remade all the code to work in Psych engine after a glitch with Kade Engine, HUGE shout outs as the mod would have never been
    • published without ya buddy!
    • Shiverbunnies#6694: fixed the dumb mistake we couldnt figure out for 3000 hours
  • Musicians
  • Charters
    • Jatotz: Created the first draft
    • Shiverbunnies#6694: Revamped Safari’s charting
    • Creataurus: Revamped Critical’s charting
  • Special Thanks
    • Shadow Mario: Made Psych Engine
    • Nintendo/Game Freak/The Pokemon Company: Created Pokemon and Wooper


  • Always and only Download the mod for your Desktop PC on GB.

Original FNF Credit:

  • ninja_muffin99 – Programming
  • PhantomArcade3k and evilsk8r – ARTISTS
  • kawaisprite – MUSIC

The goal of this web optimized port is to make FNF and this mod more accessible to players that can’t otherwise play it on their potatoes PC, on a Chromebook,  on their Mac, on their Linux, or simply can’t run the EXE files on their computer.

Play FNF vs Pokemon Wooper Online Game. One of many Rhythm Games to play online on your web browser for free at KBH Games. Tagged as Dance Games, Friday Night Funkin Games, Music Games, Pokemon Games, Reaction Time Games, Rhythm Games, and Skill Games. Upvoted by 93 players. Other games you might like are Friday Night Funkin': Foned In (FNF Mobile) and Friday Night Funkin Electro Funkin Mod. No download or installation needed to play this free game. Hope this game brings a little joy into your daily life.