Hyper Emerald – Lost Artifacts Version
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Hyper Emerald – Lost Artifacts Version


“Hyper Emerald – Lost Artifacts Version” emerges as an ambitious and engaging fan-made Pokémon hack that significantly expands the Pokémon experience for enthusiasts. This version intricately blends elements from various generations, particularly drawing inspiration from the innovations seen in “Pokémon Sword” and “Pokémon Shield” of Generation 8, while ensuring the core essence of Pokémon gameplay remains intact. With its introduction of Mega Evolution, Z-moves, and Gigantamax forms, the game elevates the strategic depth and visual excitement of Pokémon battles.

One of the standout features is the inclusion of Pokémon moves and skills up to Generation 8, offering players an expansive roster of techniques and strategies to explore in battles. This inclusion not only enriches the gameplay but also allows for a seamless integration of new and classic elements, ensuring both veteran trainers and newcomers find something to enjoy.

For those seeking an elevated challenge, the “hard mode” option presents a rigorous test of Pokémon mastery. This mode is designed to push players to their strategic limits, requiring a deep understanding of Pokémon types, moves, and team composition to succeed. Additionally, the expanded sidequests offer a deeper dive into the game’s world, providing more opportunities to explore, battle, and collect Pokémon.

The latest update to “Hyper Emerald – Lost Artifacts Version” introduces an array of content inspired by Generation 8, meticulously incorporated to complement the existing gameplay systems. This update not only brings fresh excitement to the game but also ensures that the experience remains balanced and engaging.

Furthermore, the game enriches its narrative with new plots, fully realizing the prophecy introduced in “Ultra Green IV.” This narrative depth adds a compelling reason to journey through the game, as players uncover mysteries and fulfill destinies entwined with the Lost Artifacts.

“Hyper Emerald – Lost Artifacts Version” stands as a testament to the creativity and dedication of the Pokémon fan community. By blending elements from multiple generations, introducing challenging gameplay modes, and expanding the narrative, this hack offers a rich and immersive Pokémon experience. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or new to the Pokémon world, “Hyper Emerald – Lost Artifacts Version” promises an adventure filled with discovery, strategy, and the timeless joy of capturing and battling with Pokémon.


  • Combat Enhancements:
    • Strengthened AI across generations.
  • Plot Improvements:
    • Enhanced original storyline.
  • Pokémon Features:
    • Includes all 898 Pokémon up to Sword and Shield.
    • Incorporates some original Pokémon.
  • Generation 8 Features:
    • Completed features such as mirror armor and chemical gases.
  • Moves and Skills:
    • Completed moves from all 8 generations.
    • Finished skill animations.
  • Props:
    • Completed props for all 8 generations.
    • Introduced characteristic capsules and plasters for modification.
  • Skill Machines and Teaching:
    • Synchronized to 8th generation.
  • Mega Evolution, Z Moves & Gigantamax:
    • Complete system integration.
  • Experience Mechanics:
    • Pokémon receive experience in battle and training.
  • Regions and Gyms:
    • Includes Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Ultimate Cave.
    • 16 gyms and three major alliances to challenge.
  • Transportation and Real-time Calculations:
    • Sinnoh region offers town-to-town transport.
    • Real-time battle calculations.
  • Training Levels:
    • Introduction of player trainer training levels.
  • User Interface Enhancements:
    • Displays character bonuses.
  • Battle Backgrounds:
    • Specific backgrounds for major venues and final battles.
  • Effort Value Viewer and Egg Hatching:
    • Moved to earlier gameplay stages.
    • Improved egg hatching process.
  • Convenience Props:
    • Added riding devices and news searchers.
  • Gameplay Optimizations:
    • Improved secret learner mechanics.
    • Price optimizations for items.
  • Battle Regulations:
    • Restrictions for formula battles.
  • Trainer Progress and Customization:
    • Brand New Trainer Card.
  • Special Pokémon Characteristics:
    • Independent acquisition methods.
  • Dynamic Weather:
    • Continues outside of combat.
  • Museum and Alliance Operations:
    • Strengthened lineup and flexibility.
  • Side Tasks and Lotteries:
    • Abundant side tasks and lottery mechanisms.
  • Game Progression:
    • Acquisition of bicycles and partner Pokémon.
  • Communication Features:
    • Return of evolution of communication.
  • Surfing and Diving Updates:
    • New Pokémon mount images.
  • Opponents and Battles:
    • More rivals and stronger opponents.
  • Team Battles and Special Modes:
    • Added team battles and special mode battles.
  • Official Rule Matches:
    • Inclusion of singles and doubles matches.
  • Challenge Mode:
    • Ability to challenge powerful opponents post-plot.
  • Interactions and Secrets:
    • Interaction with the Hyper Emerald team.
    • Hidden information in Dawu’s private park house.


  • Destvol, Satochu, Popy, Potato, Hurricane, Feiyixiang, and others
  • Translators (English Version)
  • Luciano fire, Gustavo Neves, and Li Yun

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