[FE8] The Princess’s Lament
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[FE8] The Princess’s Lament

“The Princess’s Lament” is an ambitious and intricately designed hack of the popular game Fire Emblem 8. This hack presents a complete overhaul of the original game, introducing a brand new story, fresh maps, and a host of other exciting features that dramatically enhance the gameplay experience. Made by SaintRubenio.


  • Overhauled maps, with changes that range from the small to the dramatic. Almost every map has seen at least some slight changes.
  • Four brand-new chapters, two missable sidequests and two mandatory lategame maps.
  • Improved enemies. They now have far greater offense than in vanilla, but only slightly higher defense. I can only hope this will make the game feel more challenging than the original, but fair.
  • Overhauled cast. I’ve tried my best to make everyone have something that makes them viable and fun to use. In some cases I just reworked units entirely. Some changes are more unusual than others.
  • Story rewrites. Make no mistake, I did not set out to “fix” Sacred Stones’s story or anything like that. Think of it as just a sort of “what if?” fanfic I wrote for fun and to accommodate some of the gameplay stuff I wanted to do. The overall plot is the same, but lots of different things happen in it, to varying degrees of importance. Main story changes begin in chapter 8.
  • Route split is gone! You will play through both twins’ stories. Eirika keeps her army, while Ephraim’s offscreen army of Frelian knights get faces and names.
  • Speaking of, between these and certain old foes and allies turning playable, it all amounts to 27 new playable characters, plus a secret easter egg character. I… may have gotten a bit carried away, I won’t lie.
  • Added music. Primarily from other GBAFE games, plus a certain custom track I imported and tweaked myself. I pray it’s not too janky for your liking!
  • Optional conversations that raise stats. Like in the Kaga games!
  • No fog. Screw fog.
  • QoL patches. Danger display, growth display, stationary enemies have no movement, hold L to skip animations, etc.

Just Have Fun!