Fire Emblem: Vision Quest
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Fire Emblem: Vision Quest


A completed of Fire Emblem 8 hack by Pandan about a young farmer named Storch.


The continent of Yaska is home to six nations, but the largest and most powerful is Nevan, an Empire composed of states that swear allegiance to the Emperor. In the rural state of Belaro, Lord Gradin, head of state, imposes cruel taxes on the people and jails those that cannot pay.

A young farmer, Storch, along with his hometown friends, fear the worst. Seeking to protect themselves and their families, they look to procure funds through less than savory means. Conflicted, the group begins their plunge into banditry in hopes for a better tomorrow.

Staff Credits

Project Lead – Pandan
Writing – Pandan
Eventing: Pandan (w/ support from Pikmin1211 and Snakey1)
Maps: Pandan (w/ Zoramine for the aesthetics on 1-7)
Palettes: Spear Doggo, Pikmin1211, Author Pendragon, Pandan
Music: Pandan, A_Reliable_Chair, Scraiza
Supports – Pandan, Runa, Levin, Zanryu
Portraits & Map Sprites: Laurent_Lacroix, Melia, Zaim/Zmr, Card, Zanyru, DerTheVaporeon, Levin, Scraiza, Glaceo, Peerless, myst1c1p4nd4, Author Pendragon (& Pandan for concept sprites/edits)
Playtesting: Bloopy, WarPath, A_Reliable_Chair, KMoran2085, Bartz, Josh, Jace, Scraiza, Levin, Laurent_Lacroix, Tequila, Pushwall, TDAWS, epicer, Kyrads, Xenith

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