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Super Smash Flash 2

Join the epic battle between amazing characters from the Nintendo universe and famous cartoon shows such as Mario, Kirby, Sonic, Mega Man, and much more in Super Smash Flash 2. It had been in constant development from many years by talented team of developers from all over the world that loves the original Super Smash Bros and want to recreate it. It had kept on improving and evolving ever since.

Play the full version game here and be amazed by the awesome battles you’ll experience. Features realistic controls from the original game. You can perform double jump, Dash, side step, block ball, “Up B”, and many more.

You can either play against the computer AI in many difficulty levels or 2 player mode against your friend on the same PC using the one keyboard or head online to compete against real players from all over the world. You can create your our private room with a password or join a room in the public lobby. The choice is yours.



Here is the list of playable characters in Super Smash Flash 2 you can battle with: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Wario, Donkey Kong, Link, Zelda, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Captain Falcon, Mr, Game & Watch, Kirby, Meta Knight, Bandana Dee, Fox, Falco, Marth, Pit, Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Ness, Chibi-Robo, Isaac, Sonic, tail, Black Mage, Sora, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Lloyd, Ichigo, Luffy, and Goku.

Game Modes:

Stadium is a 1-player mode found in Super Smash Flash 2 where the player can participate on different mini-games, made specifically to test the players abilities and set new records.

Classic Mode: player fights in a series of battles, one after the other, also participating on bonus rounds and culminating with a fight against Master Hand.


Match type


11 vs. 1A 1-on-1 match where the player has to defeat a single CPU-controlled opponent.
2Team battle 1A 2 vs. 2 team battle where the player has to defeat two opponents with the aid of an ally.
3Giant battleA 3 vs. 1 match where the player has to defeat a giant-sized opponent with the aid of two allies.
4Bonus stage 1:
Target Smash!
In one of the four randomly selected levels, the player has to destroy all 10 targets before the time runs out.
5Team battle 2A 2 vs. 1 team battle where the player is alone and has to defeat two opponents.
6Free-for-allA free-for-all match where the player has to fight against other three opponents on a randomly selected stage.
7Bonus stage 2:
Crystal Smash!
The player has to destroy a determined number of crystals before the time runs out, the amount of them varies according to the level, the higher the difficulty, the more crystals the player will have to destroy.
8Multi-Man Smash!A Multi-Man battle where the player has to defeat 20 Silhouettes.
9Metal battleA battle against a metallic opponent. On lower difficulties, the match is a 1-on-1 against a randomly selected opponent; on higher difficulties, the match is a 2 vs. 1 team battle against the Metal Bros..
10Master HandThe player has to defeat the final boss Master Hand.

Events:  Players will participates in various, specifically designed matches, usually containing unusual goals and/or other gimmicks not seen elsewhere in the game in order to complete them successfully. There is over 50 different events for you to complete.


You may adjust rules to whatever you wish: Time limit, Stock, Damage ratio, Item appearance frequency, and start damage.


SSF2 have many items you can use. It can be turn on or off. The classes of are as follows:

  • Battering: Used as a melee weapon and require you to be close to the opponent in order to swing the item and deal damage. You can do more damage with a forward slash.
  • Explosive: A class that explode when being attacked enough by fire-based attacks. It deal high damage.
  • Container: They hold other items inside of them. They can be picked up or thrown. When it hits someone or something it opens.
  • Final Smash: A special class that include the Smash ball. attacking this item until it shatters will allow the player to perform his/her Final Smash once. Final Smash is now only available in Super Smash Flash 2 v9.0b
  • Helping: Summon or release a assistant character to fight alongside you.
  • Recovery: Heal yourself when you pick up these items.
  • Shooting: Items that can shoot projectiles until the ammo runs out.
  • Throwing: Can be picked up and thrown at the opponent.


Assist TrophyHelping
Beam RodBattering
Beam SwordBattering
Blast BoxExplosive
Deku NutThrowing
Energy TankRecovery
Explosive TagThrowing
Fire FlowerShooting
Gooey BombThrowing
Green ShellThrowing
Heart ContainerRecovery
Home-Run BatBattering
Ice FlowerShooting
Master BallThrowing
Maxim TomatoRecovery
Metal BoxTransforming
Motion-Sensor BombThrowing
Mr. SaturnThrowing
Party BallContainer
Poison MushroomTransforming
Poké BallHelping
Ray GunShooting
Red ShellThrowing
Smart BombThrowing
Smash BallFinal Smash
Spiny ShellThrowing
Star RodBattering
Super MushroomTransforming
Super StarTransforming
Yellow ShellThrowing


SSF2 include 2 new arena mode called Sandbag Soccer and Sandbag Basketball.

In Sandbag Soccer your goal is to punch the sandbag inside the goalpost of your opponent to score points. The first team to score the set number of goals wins the match. The harder you hit the sandbag the farther it fly.

In Sandbag Basketball your punch the mini sandbox inside of the hoop to score points. The first team to score the set number of numbers win.This arena can also be played with 4 players, where four players play a 2 vs. 2 match, one member of the team acts as the goalie and the other as the attacker.


There are many types of stages in SSF2. each one has their own unique layout, size, and shape. Some include hazards that may affects the match in some way like lava, water, and explosives.  Here are the lists of stages or maps: Battlefield, Bomb Factory, Bowser’s Castle, Casino Night Zone, Castle Siege, Central Highway Chaos Shrine, Clock Town, Crateria, Desk, Devil’s Machine, Distant Planet, Dracula’s Castle, Dream Land, Emerald Cave, Final Destination, Final Valley, Flat Zone +, Fourside, Galaxy Tours, Gangplank Galleon, Green Hill Zone, Hidden Leaf Village, Hueco Mundo, Hylian Skies, Hyrule Castle, Jungle Hijinx, Lake of Rage, Lunar Core, Metal Cavern, Meteo Campaigns, Mushroom Kingdom 1-3, Nintendo 3DS, PAC-MAZE, Palutena’s Shrine, Princess Peach’s Castle, Phase 8, Planet Namek, Pokémon Colosseum, Rainbow Route, Saffron City, Sand Ocean, Saturn Valley, Sector Z, Shadow Moses Island, Silph Co., Skull Fortress, Sky Sanctuary Zone, Skyward Voyage, Smashville, Steel Diver, Temple, Tower of Salvation, Twilight Town, Venus Lighthouse, Waiting Room, WarioWare, World Tournament, Yoshi’s Island, Yoshi’s Island, and lastly Yoshi’s Story.

Super Smash Flash 2 (SSF2) is one of the biggest fan made Super Smash Bros ever made, and is a contender as one of the biggest flash game ever made. Experience PC gaming right on your web browser.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


It have many of the super smash bro mechanist, such as, shield, dash, Up+B, smash attack, items, and many more.

Player 1:
WASD: move
U: Grab
I: Shield
O: Attack 1
P: Attack 2
1: Taunt

Player 2:
WASD: move
5: Grab
1: Shield
2: Attack 1
3: Attack 2
4: Taunt

0: Pause
double space to start battle.

There are many combinations just liker Super Smash Bro. like Up-B. Go figure it out.

Developed by mcleodgaming

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best game ever

Super Smash
Super Smash

Super Smash Flash 2 is the best flash online fighting game ever. It is also the biggest and best Super Smash Bros fan made game ever. Kudos to mcleodgaming for starting this amazing project and doing such an amazing job. There are a lot of characters and maps from the original Smash Bros. Seem like the creators are also influenced by cartoon shows such as Naruto. There is enough characters to keep entertained for a long time.

It also offers you several game modes. Battle in 1vs1 or multiplayer mode. You can fight against your friends from the same computer.

Bożena Mania
Bożena Mania

best game i ever played

Abdullah Moataz
Abdullah Moataz

the super smash is very bad minecraft is very good

Summer Rock
Summer Rock

yes, minecraft is awesome, but you’re comparing apples and oranges, they are completely different genre. As for online fighting game there no game out there that can complete with Super Smash Flash 2.

Abdullah Moataz
Abdullah Moataz

minecraft is very good
i like minecraft

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