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Super Smash Flash 2 is the most epic smash game on the internet, join epic battle between many great heroes (Mario, Sonic, Megaman, Pikachu, and lot more). There is a total of 38 epic characters from classic video game universes and cartoon shows. Considered as one of the biggest flash game ever created. Experience a whole new way to battle in this amazing super smash game. It first came to the scene with the release of the first version in 2008 by indie developer Mcleodgaming. Ever since many developers had helped contributed into building the current SSF2. They all love the original and want to recreate the experience for themselves.

Play Super Smash Flash 2 full game here and be amazed by the awesome battles you’ll experience. Features realistic controls and smooth gameplay. Perform double jump, Dash, side step, block ball, “Up B”, and many more just like the original.

There are many game modes to test your skills. Many epic characters for you to get better acquainted. Many maps each with their own unique physics. Awesome soundtracks to listen. Many achievements for you to unlock. Many items to use with your characters. Many more stuff.

You can either play against the computer AI in many difficulty levels or 2 player mode against your friend on the same PC using the one keyboard or head online to compete against real players from all over the world. You can create your our private room with a password or join a room in the public lobby. The choice is yours.

It is none of the biggest fan made Super Smash Bros ever made, and is a contender as one of the biggest flash game ever made. Experience PC gaming right on your web browser.

Published and Developed by by Mcleodgaming.

SSF2 2 Characters:

A large list of character from classic video games and cartoon shows.





SSF2 MarioMarioMarioMario is the protagonist of the Super Mario franchise and the mascot of the company Nintendo. Mario is considered the most well-balanced character in the game, making him perfect for first-time players. He retains his Fireball and has a cape that reflects projectiles and thrown items.
SSF2 LuigiLuigiMarioLuigi is Mario’s younger twin brother and partner or ally in his adventures. Sharing various similarities with his brother, he possesses a nearly identical moveset, but with their own properties. For instance, his Fireball is green and is not affected by gravity. He also comes with his own attacks like the Green Missile. Luigi also jumps noticeably higher than Mario.
SSF2 PeachPeachMarioPrincess Peach is a main character and damsel-in-distress from the Super Mario series. Peach has floaty properties and can remain airborne for many seconds. Peach uses many attacks from her past game appearances such as a golf club. She can also pluck vegetables from the ground.
SSF2 BowserBowserMarioBowser is the King of the Koopas and the most recurring antagonist in the Super Mario series. Bowser is one of the biggest character in the game and the heaviest out of all. This may prove a big advantage for Bowser, as he can deal really strong attacks to launch his foes, but may also prove a disadvantage making Bowser a big target. He has different ways to attack like his signature Fire Breath, whom he can scorch his opponents, or his Bowser Bomb, which makes him pound the ground to crush everything below him.
SSF2 Donkey KongDonkey KongDonkey KongDonkey Kong is a character from the Mario spin-offs but also the protagonist of his own series. Donkey Kong is a really big character making him very vulnerable to attacks, but on the other hand, he is one of the strongest characters in the game. He can deliver powerful punches and slap the ground. He can also carry around with him other characters.
SSF2 YoshiYoshiYoshiYoshi is a character introduced in the Mario series where he is an ally and friend to Mario, and eventually made it as the protagonist of his own series. Yoshi can use his long tongue to eat opponents and turn them into eggs. He also has ability to shoot Yoshi Eggs and turn into a rolling Yoshi Eggand ram over opponents.
SSF2 WarioWarioWarioWario is yet another Mario spin-off character who also stars his own series. He is also Mario’s bitter and greedy rival. Wario is an unusual fighter with unorthodox methods: he can open his jaw to chew his opponents, but he can also use his explosive flatulences as attacks, depending on its charge.
SSF2 LinkLinkThe Legend of ZeldaLink is the protagonist of The Legend of Zelda from Nintendo. His basic attacks consist in slashing with the Master Sword but also possess other physical attacks like kicks or the hilt of the word itself. Link also carries a wide variety of weapons like the Gale Boomerang, bombs, and a new ability to mix this with the Hero’s Bow.
SSF2 ZeldaZeldaThe Legend of ZeldaZelda is the princess of Hyrule and eponymous character of the series. As the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom, Zelda is bestowed with a lot of magical abilities, in favour of regular melee attacks, including the 3 enchants of the goddesses: Din’s Fire, Nayru’s Love and Farore’s Wind. Her magic abilities also allow her to transform into her sheikah alter-ego Sheik.
SSF2 SheikSheikThe Legend of ZeldaSheik is a persona secretly assumed by Zelda in the game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This sheikah alter ego is the exact opposite of Zelda as Sheik relies more on physical attacks rather than magic and is considerably faster than the stylish princess. Being a ninja-like character, Sheik poses quick weapons for her use such as almost invincible needles, or the use of Deku Nuts to swiftly appear and disappear.
SSF2 SamusSamusMetroidSamus is a female space bounty hunter who is the protagonist of Nintendo’s Metroid series. Samus was given a biological suit by the Chozo called the Power Suit which grants her endurable protection and is integrated with a variety of weapons and projectiles such as a Charge Shot, and an unlimited supply of missiles.
SSF2 Zero Suit SamusZero Suit SamusMetroidZero Suit Samus is simply Samus without her Power Suit. This way, Samus exhibits more athletic and flexible movements, as well as being more a speedster character. Samus only carries an emergency pistol called the Paralyzer which also comes integrated with a whip and a wire of plasma.
SSF2 NessNessEarthBoundNess is the protagonist of the second installment of the Mother series called EarthBound (or Mother 2). Ness is a young boy specialized in PSI powers, which includes numerous attacks like PK Fire, or PK Thunder, in addition to the all-powerful PK Starstorm as his Final Smash. Ness is the only character that can recover his damage by himself using PSI Magnet to absorb energy-based projectiles.
SSF2 Captain FalconCaptain FalconF-ZeroCaptain Falcon is the bounty hunter racer of the Nintendo’s F-Zero racing games. Captain Falcon has a moveset similar to his Smash Bros. counterparts who has been expanded to include the missing moves he didn’t have in the first SSFlike Raptor Boost or Falcon Dive. The Falcon Punch and the Falcon Kick also return.
SSF2 KirbyKirbyKirbyKirby is the protagonist of his eponymous Kirby series. Kirby’s unique ability to inhale and copy his opponents’ standard special move is now present. He even dons a particular hat from the opponent he absorbed. He still has the ability to float 5 times before falling.
SSF2 Meta KnightMeta KnightKirbyMeta Knight is the mysterious, eternal rival of Kirby, a pride swordsman and leader of the Meta-Knights. Mostly a transition from his Brawl counterpart, Meta Knight poses almost the same moveset, albeit toned down to allow a more regular character. Much like Kirby’s ability to float, Meta Knight can use his wings to soar the air 5 times before falling.
SSF2 Bandana DeeBandana DeeKirbyBandana Dee is a loyal subordinate of King Dedede which was originally another foe for Kirby, but eventually changed his terms with him to the point of turning into a good friend and even a trusty ally for Kirby. Bandana Dee carries a spear as his main weapon, which maneuvers in multiple ways to attack. His moveset also alludes to many members of the “Waddle” family like a Waddle Doo’s ability to shoot beams, or a Parasol Waddle Dee’s ability to shield himself with the aforementioned parasol.
SSF2 FoxFoxStar FoxFox is the leader of a group of space mercenaries called Star Fox from the series of the same name. Fox’s moveset has been expanded to that of his Smash Bros. counterparts. For example, he can now control the direction of the Fire Fox before launching. The remaining attacks like Blaster, or Fox Illusion, remain mostly the same but were updated in the same way.
SSF2 FalcoFalcoStar FoxFalco is a talented pilot, a member of the Star Fox team, and a friendly rival for Fox. Falco’s moveset is a combination of his appearances in MeleeBrawl, and Smash 3DS/Wii Uhaving regained his Reflector from the former, while having most of his moves operates based on the latter two Smashtitles.
SSF2 PikachuPikachuPokémonPikachu is an Electric-type Mouse Pokémon, considered to be the mascot of the Pokémon franchise as well. Pikachu is a small character that deals with electric attacks like: Thunder Jolt, or Thunder. In addition, Skull Bash can now be charged.
SSF2 JigglypuffJigglypuffPokémonJigglypuff is a dual-type Normal/Fairy Balloon Pokémon. Its body mostly resembles the form of Kirby, but aside the fact both can float up to five times in the air before falling, and the almost similar weight class, Jigglypuff’s moveset is considerably a lot more different, not to mention unrelated, from Kirby’s. It is mostly based on its Super Smash Bros.incarnation with attacks like Pound, or Rollout, conforming Jigglypuff’s moveset.
SSF2 MarthMarthFire EmblemMarth is a character from Nintendo’s tactical RPG game series Fire Emblem. Marth is a noble prince and swordsman who carries a longsword called the Falchion. Unlike Link, Marth completely relies of the Falchion, save for a few exceptions. The blade of this powerful sword is capable of piercing shields, and even allowing a quick succession of rapid slashes with a lot of possible ways to attack. Marth can also counter enemies’ attacks and finish them off with a blow on the defenseless opponent.
SSF2 Mr. Game & WatchMr. Game & WatchGame & WatchMr. Game & Watch is the modern-day mascot of the Game & Watch LCD handheld consoles. Overall improved, he now poses all of its attacks in the Super Smash Bros. series, from having the traditional sausage-throwing Chef improved to the new projectile-absorbing Oil Panic, to countering on his opponents. As a rather small and flat character, Mr. Game & Watch is very prone to getting launched into the air with a lot of ease.
SSF2 PitPitKid IcarusPit is the protagonist of the Kid Icarus series. Pit is an angel that protects the queen of light, Palutena, from the enemies of the underworld. Similarly to Link, Pit comes armed with a huge arsenal of weapons including his trusty Palutena’s Bow, the offensive Upperdash Arm, and the defensive Guardian Orbitars.
SSF2 IsaacIsaacGolden SunIsaac is the Earth Adept, silent main protagonist and party leader of Golden Sun. Isaac has been pointed out as a character relying a little with sword-based attacks, and instead has a bigger focus on psynergy attacks. For instance, he can create hand-shaped psynergy forces, which he can use to move things around or grab enemies around, that can also lift him into the air. He can also cast a psynergy indicator in the ground to rise an earth pillar from any point.
SSF2 Chibi-RoboChibi-RoboChibi-Robo!Chibi-Robo is a 10-centimeter-tall robot and main character of its eponymous Chibi-Robo! series. As a multi-tasked robot, Chibi-Robo is armed with quirks it uses within its games such as a toothbrush, or even a spoon. Chibi-Robo’s most unique trait is that it can open the lid on its head, and catch any incoming projectile to later launch it back to the thrower or any other opponent in the match.
SSF2 SonicSonicSonicSonic is the 15-year-old protagonist of Sega’s Sonic series, that has the ability to run at supersonic speed. Not many changes were done to Sonic’s conversion into the game; He is still the fastest character, has very similar attacks, and his sprites are still the same. Of course he also gathered new attacks as well. Super Sonic is merged with him, and it is now his Final Smash.
SSF2 TailsTailsSonicTails is the 8-year-old fox friend of Sonic and his best friend to the point of brotherhood. He suffered basically the same change as Sonic; mostly the same attacks, the same sprites, but was buffed in the sense where he is now a faster character, and can use new devices as well as the Tornado biplane.
SSF2 Mega ManMega ManMega ManMega Man is robot master created by Dr. Light, and the main character of the Mega Man classic series. Much like Mega Man X from SSF, Mega Man has an arm cannon that can shoot a wide variety of weapons from his past adventures.
SSF2 PAC-MANPAC-MANPAC-MANPAC-MAN is the main character of his self-titled series, and the official mascot of Bandai Namco Games (he is one of the oldest video game icons). He is a PAC-PERSON who protects PAC-LAND from the clutches of the evil ghosts. He comes to the battlefield with a variety of items that pay homages to other well known Namco I.P.s.
SSF2 BombermanBombermanBombermanBomberman is a robot whose main ability is to create bombs out of his own hands (hence his name). He is a robot who wears a white helmet with a fuse-like antenna (making his head resemble a bomb) that only shows his eyes. His mouth, if he even has one, isn’t visible, therefore, Bomberman shows responses and emotions through his eyes. He can charge and throw up to 5 bombs on the stage, and he can detonate them at any time.
SSF2 Black MageBlack MageFINAL FANTASYBlack Mage is one of the many job classes in the FINAL FANTASY series. As with the original games, Black Mage is a character who is specialized in spells, rather than brute strength. He can freeze opponents, curse them with a small reaper that attacks at random, and can even poison them for a short time.
SSF2 SoraSoraKINGDOM HEARTSSora is the main protagonist of Square Enix and Disney Interactive Studios’ KINGDOM HEARTS series, a crossover based on FINAL FANTASY and Disney characters, specifically created for the settings of the games. Sora holds a weapon known as the “Keyblade” from which he can cast several spells from the FINAL FANTASY series, as well as using melee attacks.
SSF2 LloydLloydTalesLloyd is the main protagonist of the game, Tales of Symphonia; the fifth mothership title in the Tales series. Unlike his previous incarnation, Lloyd is now a starter character. He keeps some of the same attacks, but also has also being expanded with new ones. Lloyd wields two swords called the Material Blades, the Flameberge and the Vorpal Sword. His attacks are technique called “tech artes” that range from the traditional Demon Fang to the powerful Falcon’s Crest.
SSF2 GokuGokuDragon BallGoku is the protagonist of the manga series Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama. Goku is a member of the Saiyan race, said to be the strongest race in the universe. Goku is a specialist in martial arts thanks to his constant training over the years. He also comes with a variety of techniques using his inner ki, like his signature Kamehameha or Kaiō-ken.
SSF2 LuffyLuffyOne PieceLuffy is the protagonist of the manga series, One Piece by Eiichiro Oda. He is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and wishes to become the Pirate King one day. His appearance is based on the second part of the series. As a rubber man, his moveset focuses on stretching his body parts to attack, using techniques from his adventures such as Gum-Gum Rocket and Gum-Gum Pistol.
SSF2 NarutoNarutoNarutoNaruto is the protagonist of the manga series of the same name by Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto’s appearance was updated to match his appearance in the second arc of the manga, whose anime adaptation is called Naruto: Shippūden. His attacks, unlike his previous incarnation, now include the use of jutsu and chakra, thus Naruto is finally able to use his signature Rasengan and the Shadow Clonesin different ways.
SSF2 IchigoIchigoBleachIchigo is the protagonist of the manga series Bleach by Tite Kubo. Ichigo is a shinigami who got his power from another female shinigami called Rukia. Ichigo dons this form within the game and carries a large blade called a Zanpakutōwhich is his main weapon. Among his attacks include his signature Getsuga Tenshō, Engetsuzan, and Bankai.

SSF2 Game Modes:

Stadium is a 1-player mode found in Super Smash Flash 2 where the player can participate on different mini-games, made specifically to test the players abilities and set new records.

Classic Mode: player fights in a series of battles, one after the other, also participating on bonus rounds and culminating with a fight against Master Hand.


Match type


11 vs. 1A 1-on-1 match where the player has to defeat a single CPU-controlled opponent.
2Team battle 1A 2 vs. 2 team battle where the player has to defeat two opponents with the aid of an ally.
3Giant battleA 3 vs. 1 match where the player has to defeat a giant-sized opponent with the aid of two allies.
4Bonus stage 1:
Target Smash!
In one of the four randomly selected levels, the player has to destroy all 10 targets before the time runs out.
5Team battle 2A 2 vs. 1 team battle where the player is alone and has to defeat two opponents.
6Free-for-allA free-for-all match where the player has to fight against other three opponents on a randomly selected stage.
7Bonus stage 2:
Crystal Smash!
The player has to destroy a determined number of crystals before the time runs out, the amount of them varies according to the level, the higher the difficulty, the more crystals the player will have to destroy.
8Multi-Man Smash!A Multi-Man battle where the player has to defeat 20 Silhouettes.
9Metal battleA battle against a metallic opponent. On lower difficulties, the match is a 1-on-1 against a randomly selected opponent; on higher difficulties, the match is a 2 vs. 1 team battle against the Metal Bros..
10Master HandThe player has to defeat the final boss Master Hand.

Super Smash Flash 2 Events:  Players will participates in various, specifically designed matches, usually containing unusual goals and/or other gimmicks not seen elsewhere in the game in order to complete them successfully. There is over 50 different events for you to complete.


You may adjust rules to whatever you wish: Time limit, Stock, Damage ratio, Item appearance frequency, and start damage.


SSF2 have many items you can use. It can be turn on or off. The classes of are as follows:

  • Battering: Used as a melee weapon and require you to be close to the opponent in order to swing the item and deal damage. You can do more damage with a forward slash.
  • Explosive: A class that explode when being attacked enough by fire-based attacks. It deal high damage.
  • Container: They hold other items inside of them. They can be picked up or thrown. When it hits someone or something it opens.
  • Final Smash: A special class that include the Smash ball. attacking this item until it shatters will allow the player to perform his/her Final Smash once. Final Smash is now only available in Super Smash Flash 2 v9.0b
  • Helping: Summon or release a assistant character to fight alongside you.
  • Recovery: Heal yourself when you pick up these items.
  • Shooting: Items that can shoot projectiles until the ammo runs out.
  • Throwing: Can be picked up and thrown at the opponent.
  • Summoning: Release an ally that fights alongside you or your team when picked up.




Smash-BallSmash BallSuper Smash Bros.The Smash Ball allows any character to peItemsrform his/her Final Smash after it got shattered from strong attacks.
SSF2 Assist TrophyAssist TrophySuper Smash Bros.The Assist Trophy will summon a guest character that will aid the player against its opponents. To see which characters can be summoned, see below.
SSF2 CapsuleCapsuleSuper Smash Bros.The Capsule is an item that can be thrown and releases and item afterwards, there are chances the Capsule might explode.
SSF2 FanFanSuper Smash Bros.The Fan is the weakest among all the battering items, it regular hit deals 1% of damage and no knockback, but it can be used consecutive times trapping the opponents to accumulate their damage, a side smash can shatter shields, and a thrown fan sends an opponent vertically.
SSF2 Beam SwordBeam SwordSuper Smash Bros.The Beam Sword, is a basic battering item that can be swung in different way, deals more damage when side smashed.
SSF2 Home-Run BatHome-Run BatSuper Smash Bros.The Home-Run Bat is the strongest of all the battering item, if the player holds down the button, it will charge and hold the power of the bat. If the player connects with the bat an opponent after being charged, it will result in a One-hit KO.
SSF2 Motion-Sensor BombMotion-Sensor BombSuper Smash Bros.The Motion-Sensor Bomb sticks on the ground after thrown, remaining inmobile, if something touches it, whether it is by a player, an attack or another item, it will explode, dealing great damage and knockback.
SSF2 Ray GunRay GunSuper Smash Bros.The Ray Gun is an item that can shoot up to 16 light beams that deals minimal damage and knockback.
SSF2 BumperBumperSuper Smash Bros.The Bumper is an item that, when thrown, will bounce off away any character that come in contact with it.
SSF2 FoodFoodSuper Smash Bros.The Food recovers few amounts damage when eaten, the amount varies per food type.
SSF2 Gooey BombGooey BombSuper Smash Bros.The Gooey Bomb is a glowing orange ball encased in a blob of goo that sticks on everything once it is thrown; once it starts flashing, the character that has the bomb sticked to him/her, must hurry and pass it through another player or else be engulfed by a powerful explosion.
SSF2 Blast BoxBlast BoxSuper Smash Bros.The Blast Box is a heavy crate that can be hit multiple times before it explodes, and it will explode instantly when hit by a flame attack.
SSF2 FireworkFireworkSuper Smash Bros.The Firework can be thrown and when it comes into contact with a wall or a character, it will explode and divide into multiple Fireworks.
SSF2 Super MushroomSuper MushroomMarioThe Super Mushroom grows any character that touches it increasing their damage power and making them heavier.
SSF2 Poison MushroomPoison MushroomMarioThe Poison Mushroom, as the polar opposite of the Super Mushroom, shrinks any character that touches it reducing their damage power and making them lighter.
SSF2 Fire FlowerFire FlowerMarioThe Fire Flower can release a constant stream of fire to burnopponents as the player moves around.
SSF2 Ice FlowerIce FlowerMarioThe Ice Flower, as the polar opposite of the Fire Flower, can release a constant stream of ice to freeze opponents as the player moves around.
SSF2 Super StarSuper StarMarioThe Super Star grants invincibility to the character that grabs it, making him/her impervious to any damage.
SSF2 Green ShellGreen ShellMarioThe Green Shell is an item that slides across the ground knocking every player on its path, it bounces back when it hits a wall or surface.
SSF2 Red ShellRed ShellMarioThe Red Shell is an item that slides across the ground knocking every player on its path, it will also chase any opponent around to hit it, it will not fall off ledges.
SSF2 Yellow ShellYellow ShellMarioThe Yellow Shell is an item that slides across the ground buryingevery player in its path, it bounces back when it hits a wall or surface.
SSF2 Spiny ShellSpiny ShellMarioThe Spiny Shell flies away and disappears off screen, it will then come back from above and will chase after the current leader in the match, except if it is the current leader.
SSF2 Bob-ombBob-ombMarioThe Bob-omb is an item that can be thrown and explodes in contact with a surface or an opponent dealing great damage and knockback, if left alone, it will walk on its own and will explode after some time off if it gets touched.
SSF2 FreezieFreezieMarioFreezie will slide across any surface, when thrown against an opponent, it will encase the opponent on a chunk of ice, rendering them unable to move or attack.
SSF2 Heart ContainerHeart ContainerThe Legend of ZeldaThe Heart Container recovers 100% of damage when grabbed.
SSF2 Deku NutDeku NutThe Legend of ZeldaThe Deku Nut is a small item that explodes when it is thrown or attacked, stunning any character in the proximity of the the explosion or launching them if they happen to be in the air.
SSF2 CuccoCuccoThe Legend of ZeldaCucco is a chicken that will wander around when it appears, it can be used to gently float down when grabbed, if provoked too much, it will release a swarm of angry Cuccos that will chase and damage the character who provoke it.
SSF2 Mr. SaturnMr. SaturnEarthBoundMr. Saturn is an item that walks and trips on its own, it is a weak item that deals few damage and knockback when thrown. However, it can shatter shields.
SSF2 Maxim TomatoMaxim TomatoKirbyThe Maxim Tomato recovers 50% of damage when eaten.
SSF2 Star RodStar RodKirbyThe Star Rod allows to shoot medium-sized stars when side smashed with it, it deals moderate high damage and knockback when thrown.
SSF2 Beam RodBeam RodKirbyThe Beam Rod is a battering item that shoots small, little ranged projectiles that stun opponents.
SSF2 Smart BombSmart BombStar FoxThe Smart Bomb is a powerful explosive item that will explode on impact and engulf a decent range in its explosion.
SSF2 Poké BallPoké BallPokémonThe Poké Ball will release a Pokémon that will aid the player against his/her opponents. To see which Pokémon can be released, see below.
SSF2 Master BallMaster BallPokémonThe Master Ball will capture an opponent for a short period of time, allowing the player to combo and throw it.
SSF2 PitfallPitfallAnimal CrossingThe Pitfall buries any opponent it has been thrown at, if it hits the ground, it will disappear but will bury the next opponent that steps on it.
SSF2 FlipperFlipperBalloon FightThe Flipper stays airborne after thrown as it starts spinning, damaging opponents and even the user if they come in contact with it.
SSF2 UniraUniraClu Clu LandThe Unira extends its spikes and sticks to a surface after it is thrown damaging any opponents that touches it. If directly thrown at an opponent, it will bounce back, damaging them, before sticking to a surface.
SSF2 Energy TankEnergy TankMega ManThe Energy Tank recovers all accumulated damage to 0% of damage when grabbed, the character is vulnerable at the moment of grabbing it.
SSF2 Explosive TagExplosive TagNarutoWhen attached to an opponent, the Explosive Tag will start rapidly burning from the bottom and once it is fully on fire it will explode.


SSF2 include 2 new arena mode called Sandbag Soccer and Sandbag Basketball.

In Sandbag Soccer your goal is to punch the sandbag inside the goalpost of your opponent to score points. The first team to score the set number of goals wins the match. The harder you hit the sandbag the farther it fly.

In Sandbag Basketball your punch the mini sandbox inside of the hoop to score points. The first team to score the set number of numbers win.This arena can also be played with 4 players, where four players play a 2 vs. 2 match, one member of the team acts as the goalie and the other as the attacker.


There are many types of stages in SSF2. each one has their own unique layout, size, and shape. Some include hazards that may affects the match in some way like lava, water, and explosives.  Here are the lists of stages or maps: Battlefield, Bomb Factory, Bowser’s Castle, Casino Night Zone, Castle Siege, Central Highway Chaos Shrine, Clock Town, Crateria, Desk, Devil’s Machine, Distant Planet, Dracula’s Castle, Dream Land, Emerald Cave, Final Destination, Final Valley, Flat Zone +, Fourside, Galaxy Tours, Gangplank Galleon, Green Hill Zone, Hidden Leaf Village, Hueco Mundo, Hylian Skies, Hyrule Castle, Jungle Hijinx, Lake of Rage, Lunar Core, Metal Cavern, Meteo Campaigns, Mushroom Kingdom 1-3, 3DS, PAC-MAZE, Palutena’s Shrine, Princess Peach’s Castle, Phase 8, Planet Namek, Colosseum, Rainbow Route, Saffron City, Sand Ocean, Saturn Valley, Sector Z, Shadow Moses Island, Silph Co., Skull Fortress, Sky Sanctuary Zone, Skyward Voyage, Smashville, Steel Diver, Temple, Tower of Salvation, Twilight Town, Venus Lighthouse, Waiting Room, World Tournament.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


It have many of the super smash bro mechanist, such as, shield, dash, Up+B, smash attack, items, and many more.

Player 1Player 2
Player 1:
WASD: move
U: Grab
I: Shield
O: Attack 1
P: Attack 2
1: Taunt
Player 2:
WASD: move
5: Grab
1: Shield
2: Attack 1
3: Attack 2
4: Taunt

0: Pause
double space to start battle.

There are many combinations just liker Super Smash Bro. like Up-B. Go figure it out.

Developed by mcleodgaming

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