Sonic Mega Blitz
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Sonic Mega Blitz

It is named “Sonic the Hedgehog Mega Blitz (Sonic Mega Blitz)” Due to the fact that the hack is a “blitzed out” version of the original game.


Eggman was trying to steal Master Emerald from Hidden Palace Zone, but he accidentally got the green Super Emerald! He plugged it into his new machine that would blow up Green Hill Zone, Marble Zone, Spring Yard Zone, Labyrinth Zone, Star Light Zone, and his own base, Scrap Brain Zone! Sonic the Hedgehog suddenly smashed a window and jumped in! Eggman quickly flipped the switch, but suddenly the Super Emerald discharged the beam, shooting Sonic and Eggman along with the beam! When the beam hit the zones, they didn’t blow up, but had been blitzed out! Sonic must destroy the machine to restore the zones!

The Gimmick

The gimmick in this game is simi-creative and fairly well implemented. As each zone has been “blitzed out,” the color pallets have been swapped. But that’s a minor change. The main difference is that each Act has its own gimmick. The first Act 1 is a “blitzed out” version of the original. The stage is redesigned completely. Act 2 is a hard mode of the original, mainly removing rings and most checkpoints as well as some added obstacles. Act 3 is a “Boss Blitz.” The bosses are unedited, just the stages an arena. You get to skip the whole stage, and there are very few rings. The gimmicks were implemented pretty well, except for a bug in Castle Zone that forced me to make a really long-running section before the boss fight.


Bright Hill Zone

Bright Hill Zone is the blitzed out version of Green Hill Zone. It is relatively easy, other than a high jump that may have to be attempted more than once. There are no rings or checkpoints in Act 2, as well as an extra pitfall. The boss takes place in an arena with one floating platform and one ledge to land on.

Castle Zone

Castle Zone is the blitzed out version of Marble Zone. No problems here, just a slightly annoying problem with the design that you probably won’t notice. Not much is noted about Act 2, as that entire Zone was rushed for an Alpha release. The boss features a long running section to get to the boss due to some bug I never figured out. The only way to get rings is to jump over the lava and dodge fire balls. There are only 5, and the boss’s difficulty is a lot higher than you might think.

Core Battle Zone

The final confrontation! This is the only part of the zones that was uneffected by the beam! It’s the final boss from the original, except I did something to make it a little more difficult.

Victory Lap!

(Final Sequence, not an actual level.) You destroyed the machine, sending the Super Emerald to Hidden Palace and restoring the Zones! But did you get the Chaos Emeralds? (Not yet possible)

Just Have Fun!