Pac-Man’s Sky
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Pac-Man’s Sky


A mash-up of the classic Pac-Man gameplay with the exploration element of No Man’s Sky.

Travel through the universe full of planets. Each planet is a randomly generated, unique Pac-Man world. Explore them to find 10 cherries and finish the game!


Your spaceship needs fuel to run. Collect pellets (and ghosts) to refill it. If you run out of a fuel in space, you lose.

Once you have enough fuel, you’ll have access to a launchpad that is located within the ghost house. With it, you can leave the planet and traverse to other ones. Make sure you have enough fuel to reach them, though.


Knowing how ghosts behave will help you finish the game more easily. There are four ghosts that behave exactly like the original:

  • Blinky (red) – follows your current position
  • Pinky (pink) – tries to predict your movement, following position 4 blocks in front of you.
  • Inky (cyan) – stays between you and first Binky (or first ghost) to leave the ghost house.
  • Clyde (orange) – tries to get near you, but as soon as it’s near you, it retreats.

All of these four ghost have a “retreat” period when they all retreat to their retreat points, placed on furthest points from the ghost house of the planet.

On top of that, there are four more, brand new ghosts that never retreat:

  • Cringy (green) – picks random path.
  • Kinky (purple) – tries to keep the distance, following position 3 blocks behind you.
  • Liney (blue) – goes in a straight line whenever possible.
  • Bob (brown) – ghost with a social anxiety; tries to keep its distance from everyone.


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This amazing Game is made by Krzyhau

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Arrow keys – control Pac-Man
  • P – pause the game