Mega Man Soccer
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Mega Man Soccer


Mega Man Soccer also known as Rockman’s Soccer in Japan is a soccer video game by CapCom. Release for SNES video game console in 1994.

Game modes

The game has four modes:

  • Exhibition: Free play mode that allows the player to choose his team members and field.
  • Capcom Championship: The story mode. Mega Man must defeat eight teams in any order, and after defeating all of them, he goes to the Wily Castle and faces Enker, Protoman and Dr. Wily.
  • Tournament: A tournament between eight teams. The winner continues to a tournament against the teams of Enker, Proto Man, and Dr. Wily.
  • League: A league with eight teams.

Playable characters

Each Robot Master uses a special ability with the ball. Dr. Wily is only playable in Elec Man’s and Dust Man’s teams from League Mode.

Mega Man (Rockman)Rock Buster Shoot406296128
Proto Man (Blues)Blues Buster Shoot476296128
EnkerMirror Buster Shoot446296128
Dr. WilyWily Shoot5062240240
From Mega Man 1
Bomb Man (Bomberman)Bomb Shoot406296128
Cut ManRolling Cutter Shoot426216096
Elec ManElec Shoot43626496
Fire ManFire Shoot4262128112
Ice ManIce Shoot48624848
From Mega Man 2
Air ManTornado Shoot386216096
Bubble ManBubble Shoot406296128
Flash ManFlash Shoot40629696
Wood ManLeaf Shoot2864224208
From Mega Man 3
Gemini ManGemini Shoot48629696
Needle ManNeedle Shoot3664128128
Snake ManSnake Shoot4062112128
Top ManTop Shoot40629696
From Mega Man 4
Dust ManDust Shoot366496176
Pharaoh ManPharaoh Shoot3462224160
Skull ManSkull Shoot406296128
Toad ManToad Shoot406296128