Mischief Makers (N64)

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Mischief Makers (N64)

Mischief Makers is a 1997 side-scrolling platform video game developed by Treasure.

Was initially released to be played on Nintendo 64. Now you can enjoy this Mischief Makers online. Play it anytime you want.

The player assumes the role of Marina, a robotic maid who journeys to rescue her creator from the emperor of Planet Clancer. The gameplay revolves around grabbing, shaking, and throwing objects. There are five worlds and 52 levels, and the game is displayed in 2.5D.

Mischief Makers is the first single-player 2D side-scrolling platform game on the Nintendo 64 console. Its gameplay combines platform game mechanics with aspects from the action and puzzle genres. The characters and backgrounds are modeled in pre-rendered 3D[4] similar to Donkey Kong Country’s “Advanced Computer Modeling”. This style, with 3D backgrounds behind 2D gameplay, is known as “​2 1⁄2D”. Compared to previous Treasure run and gun games, Mischief Makers’s gameplay is more exploratory in nature.

The player-character, a robotic maid named Marina, journeys to save her kidnapped creator. The story takes place on Planet Clancer, a world on the cusp of civil war due to the actions of its Emperor and his Imperial forces. The Emperor brainwashes Clancers to kidnap the visiting robotics genius Professor Theo. Theo’s creation, the player-character Ultra-InterGalactic-Cybot G Marina Liteyears, pursues the professor and grabs, throws, and shakes the obstacles in her way, such as enemies, floating “Clanball” platforms, warp stars, and missiles. Almost all game objects can be grabbed, which lends towards the shake-based combat system. Marina can shake “grabbed” objects to throw them as projectiles or to find loot.[7] Objects sometimes change functions when shaken, such as items that become homing missiles and guns with multi-directional shots. Some drop red, blue, and green gems, which restore player health. The health gauge in the corner of the screen shows the amount of damage Marina can take. The player can store up to two additional stock lives. Yellow gems hidden in each level extend the final cutscene’s length. Marina can run, jump, and boost (via jetpack) in the eight cardinal and ordinal directions. She can also slide, hover, and roll.

The game has five worlds with roughly twelve levels apiece. Some levels are action-only while others include puzzles. The player’s goal is to reach a warp star at each level’s end. En route, Marina shakes enemies, breaks blocks, uses weapons, and rides “bikes” and objects along wire path mazes. Each world has both final and mid-level bosses. The levels and boss fights use scaling and screen rotation special effects to vary the gameplay.

Almost all things on Planet Clancer—including people, buildings, and pets—either wear or are inscribed with identical “sad” faces with red, glowing eyes. A Clancer named Teran substitutes for Marina in several brief areas and uses non-shake mechanics like punching, kicking, and double jumping. A character named Calina, a petulant Clancer who imitates Marina, recurs throughout the game as a comedic device. (Wikipedia)

How to Play:

Check the game-to-keyboard mapping.

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