Final Nights 2: Sins of the Father
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Final Nights 2: Sins of the Father


Developer Note:

We managed to salvage some old animatronics from the ashes, surprisingly intact…sort of

As our technician, it is your job to fix these monstrosities in any way you can to have them be ready to entertain children again!

But since we really don’t have a workshop anymore now, you’ll just have to take them home instead.

Good luck, and remember to smile, you are the face of Freddy Fazbears Pizza!



The animatronics are burnt and beaten but they’re alive, and they know what you did!

In the sequel to the FNaF fangame Final Nights, it is your duty to fix these abominations during the day, and survive their torment during the night.

After setting up your make-shift security system and other precautions you are ready to take on the terror and end this nightmare once and for all!

Or are you?



  • Fantastic visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4
  • Multi-Camera set-up like real security systems
  • Animated camera’s
  • Multiple Jumpscares for each character
  • Wildly different gameplay each night
  • A more in-depth look at Final Night’s lore and AU
  • Interactive Cutscenes
  • Multiple endings
  • Voiced protagonist
  • Unique soundtrack

Minimum System Requirement

Processor: 2.5GHz
Graphics Card: GTX 750, R7 250
Ram: 4GB


Processor: 4GHz 4 core
Graphics Card: GTX 780, r9 290
Ram: 8GB



Models: Everything_Animations, WackySpider, JeliLiam, C4DGUY995, SuperArthurBros, AbsentedTangent

Programming: JeliLiam

Sound design and SFX: Flutter_Skye, JeliLiam

Voice acting: Conner “Montyspud” Olson [email protected], Thomas Dominguez, Theredhaireddemon

Animations: JeliLiam

Level artist: JeliLiam

Music: Caspar M-M

Additional art: alisonwonderland1951



Just Have Fun!