Deadpool The NES Game
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Deadpool The NES Game


“Deadpool: The NES Game” transforms the classic “Ninja Gaiden” with an extensive hack that fully immerses players into the chaotic world of Deadpool. This ambitious modification introduces a brand new plot, where Deadpool, after a humbling defeat in a duel with DC’s Deathstroke, is unexpectedly handed the Infinity Gauntlet by a mysterious young woman. With this immense power at his fingertips, Deadpool’s journey to keep the Gauntlet safe becomes a wild ride.

As players navigate through enhanced gameplay features including new stages filled with a variety of enemies, they will also encounter a mix of characters from both the Marvel and DC universes. The game introduces more weapons and dynamic combat options, making every encounter unique and thrilling.

The upgraded audio-visual elements, such as new music tracks, animated backgrounds, and sophisticated parallax scrolling, enhance the aesthetic appeal and deepen the immersion. The title menu and language selection options ensure a more accessible and user-friendly experience.

Throughout the game, Deadpool continues his quirky quest for Francis, only to find himself entangled in a larger, more ominous plot orchestrated by Death herself and the formidable Thanos. This narrative twist ties into the broader Marvel and DC lore, creating a rich, engaging storyline that spans the comic book universes. “Deadpool: The NES Game” not only provides a nostalgic nod to its “Ninja Gaiden” roots but also delivers a fresh, humorous, and action-packed adventure that both comic book enthusiasts and retro gamers will relish.


ContributorType of contributionListed credit
NiOGraphicsPixel art, stage design, translation.
DANGER XHackingHacking, stage design, translation.
RetroslamMusicMusic, hacking, pixel art, script.
darkmoon2321HackingHacking, coding, music, tools, stage, animation.
so007DesignPixel art, beta test, translation

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