Brickris Tetout

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Brickris Tetout

Brickris Tetout is a combination of the classic breakout and Tetris game. Try to clear rows like the regular tetris with a ball flies around the board, wreaking havok on your plans by placing or removing blocks!

Like Breakout, when the ball destroys a block you gain some points! Carefully balance your strategy of clearing rows and bouncing the ball off the falling Tetris piece. Blocks destroyed by the ball while you also clear rows will build a score multiplier!


  • Bamboy – Lead Programmer, Unity Expertise, Design
  • fluffy – Music, Sounds, Programming, Tetris Expert
  • Punda – Art Assets
  • Jamgrrl – Brainstorming, Ideas

How to Play:


Move Tetris PieceA, or Left ArrowD, or Right Arrow
Tetris Piece Fall SpeedS, or Down ArrowW, or Up Arrow
Rotate Tetris PieceQE