Breakout Hero
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Breakout Hero


Breakout Hero is a Breakout and Arkanoid type game with 15 levels.

Learn to make your own video games with Pico 8. Here is the complete video tutorial of how Breakout Hero was made using Pico-8.

– Orange = Slow – Slows down time
– White = Extra Life – Gives you an additional extra life
– Green = Sticky – Makes you pad sticky. It makes the ball stick to the paddle so you can launch it again
– Blue = Expand – Expands the size of your pad
– Black = Reduce – Shrinks you pad but also gives you a 10x score modifier
– Red = Megaball – Lets the ball smash through blocks without changing direction
– Yellow = Multiball – Splits the ball into two balls. You only lose a life if you lose your last ball

Sudden Death – if there are only 3 bricks left when the ball hits the pad, the game goes into Sudden Death mode. Bricks will start blinking as they are about to explode. If you hit a brick while it’s blinking, you’ll get extra points.

Hitting multiple bricks in a row increases your score multiplier to a maximum of 7x. Hitting the ball with the pad resets the multiplier back to 1x.

Losing all lives resets your score to 0, but you can continue playing. For the highest score possible, try finishing the game without losing your lives.

For an additional challenge and even more points, press up or down on the start screen for Fast Mode.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

– Use the cursor keys to move left or right
– Use the X, M or V key to confirm (X)
– Use the Z, M or C key to cancel (O)
– You might need to click on the game for it to gain focus