Tetris Big Block Mode
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Tetris Big Block Mode


Big Block Mode is a new take on classic Tetris game, you are tasked with constructing the blocks that are sent down the main playing field in this variation of the tetromino puzzle game.

The objective is to prepare yourself for success during the big block construction phase by building the blocks that will enter the queue to be placed in the main playing field. However, the challenge is intensified by the ticking timer that works against you, causing you to alternate between the builder and main stages every 10 seconds. If you fail to complete the task within the time limit, the remaining blocks that have not been placed will drop into the main stage in a haphazard manner, making it even more difficult to finish on time.


  • During the builder phases, any unplaced blocks will be randomly assigned to fall during the big block build phase.
  • In the main phase, any unplaced blocks that remain will be randomly placed down.
  • You have the ability to rearrange the blocks you construct during the worker phases using the arrows located on the right side of the build order UI panel.
  • The progress bar situated at the top of the screen indicates which stage of the cycle you are currently on. The builder stages come before the yellow bar, while the main phase follows after it.
  • There is distinct background music provided to distinguish between the build and main phases.


Made by UnitedFailures and davecodev.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • A, Left Arrow: Move block left
  • D, Right Arrow: Move block right
  • W, Up Arrow: Rotate block
  • S, Down Arrow: Lower block faster
  • Space: Send Block to Bottom
  • Left Mouse Click: All other UI elements, including Big Block Build Order reordering