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Tetris Worlds


“Tetris Worlds” is an expanded edition of the classic puzzle game Tetris, released in 2001 for Microsoft Windows and Game Boy Advance. The game retains the core mechanics of traditional Tetris, where players rotate and place falling tetrominoes to complete lines and prevent the play area from filling up. However, it introduces multiple new modes that add unique twists to the gameplay.

Game Modes:

  1. Story Mode: In Story Mode, players embark on a mission to save the Minos, inhabitants of a homeworld threatened by a supernova from their sun, Hadar. Players guide their Mino Tetrinaut across six different worlds, each offering a unique Tetris variant. Success in these games allows the player to rescue more Minos, with the ultimate goal of resettling them in new worlds.
  2. Arcade Mode: Arcade Mode offers multiplayer gameplay and a selection of Tetris variants for up to four players, each competing in two-minute games. Here are some of the variants:
    • Tetris: The classic format where players aim to score by clearing lines until the tetrominoes reach the top of the play area.
    • Square Tetris: Players aim to form 4×4 squares with Tetriminos, which yield large bonuses.
    • Cascade Tetris: Focuses on clearing lines that trigger cascades, allowing blocks above to fall and potentially clear more lines.
    • Sticky Tetris: Players clear lines at the bottom filled with “Garbage Blocks”. Blocks of the same color stick together, and forming a group of 25 triggers a “Critical Mass” and clears them from the matrix.
    • Hot-Line Tetris: Only lines cleared at specific “Hot-Lines” in the matrix score points.
    • Fusion Tetris: Players connect “Atom Blocks” to a “Fusion Block” at the bottom, with Atom and Fusion Blocks unaffected by line clears, but causing cascades when involved in a line clear.
  3. Popular Tetris (GBA Version Only): A hidden mode that mimics the original game setup. Players aim to clear lines and score points, with scoring ceasing once they reach 1 million points.

“Tetris Worlds” brings a fresh perspective to the iconic game of Tetris by introducing diverse gameplay variations and a storyline that adds depth and purpose to the puzzle-solving action. Each mode challenges players in different ways, appealing to both new and seasoned Tetris fans.

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