Pokemon Fire Red Backward

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Pokemon Fire Red Backward

Backwards Edition (also going by the title Der Erif when I try to seem slightly more creative), is an hack of Fire Red in which the maps and scripts are messed with in a way that makes the player go through the gyms in the following order:

Cinnabar > Fuchsia > Saffron > Celadon > Vermillion > Cerulean > Pewter > Viridian.

Additionally, there are other changes:

  • Many Pokemon have been buffed. In particular, plenty of bugs are stronger.
  • Some gym leader TMs have been changed so you don’t get overpowered moves early.
  • Some typings have been changed. Not many, though.
  • Surf has been given a lower base power.
  • Cut has been given a higher base power and made steel type.
  • Naturally, every trainer has been changed.
  • Wild Pokemon have been changed as well. This hack has nearly every Pokemon between Gens I and III, with the exception of legendaries and a few others.
  • “Teleport” is now a psychic type explosion.
  • Pokemon appear in puddles, like Gen V.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play

Only keyboard is required to play. Check out the controller button to see console-to-keyboard mapping. For example, "A" on the game console is mapped to "Z" Key on your keyboard. You can also change the default key-mapping to whatever you feel comfortable.

Default Keyboard Mapping
Inside The Game Your Keyboard
Move/D-PAD =[Arrows]
A,B,L,R Button =[Z],[X],[A],[S]
PLAY,SELECT =[Enter],[Backspace]

You can change the controller to whatever you want.

Figure out what which key does for each individual video game. Some key does nothing.

Use the Save button to download the save code of Pokemon Fire Red Backward to your computer. Use the Upload button to select the save code from your PC to resume where you left off.

How to Play: