Ys III – Wanderers From Ys Rebalanced
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Ys III – Wanderers From Ys Rebalanced

Enter the fantast world of Ys III,  an action role playing video game developed in 1989. It is the third game in the Ys series 

This is the rebalanced of the classic Ys III that is notorious difficulty and grindyness.

The rebalance improved the quality of gameplay making it less tedious and unfair.


Primary balance changes:

  • The player getting hit now grants 25 invincibility frames rather than 10; each mistake is now less likely to get you hit more than once.
    [li]Enemies now grant 6x the gold and XP in the early game; once reaching an area where you should be about halfway to the level cap, this drops to 2x. One should reach the recommended level for each area by the time one arrives, with almost no grinding required, if one slays every monster in one’s path.
  • Many enemies and bosses have had their damage output reduced to more-reasonable levels, with boss adjustments undergoing greater playtesting. The final boss got particular attention and should be far less frustrating to fight.
  • Each enemy defeated now grants 3 ring points instead of 1, making rings more useful without frequent recharges in town.

Reblanced by Mentil

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