Worlds Within Worlds
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Worlds Within Worlds


Worlds Within Worlds is a fast-paced platformer across 5 worlds where the goal is to collect golden leaves to restore Trees.


Made by @BluishGreenPro

Music by Mark Sparling

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How to Play:


  • Move: WASD / Arrow Keys / Left Joystick
  • Jump: Space / Gamepad-South
  • Pause: Escape / Start
    • Adjust Music / SFX Volume from the Pause Menu
  • Restart: R / Select / Back (Restarts at most recent check-point, dropping any leaves that aren’t banked)
  • Summon support Butterfly: Right-Click / Gamepad-North
    • Butterfly Bubble: Left-Click / Gamepad-East (Creates a bubble┬á which freezes enemies / fire)