Worlds: History Simulator
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Worlds: History Simulator

‘Worlds’ is a simulator intended to recreate human history all the way from its origins in alternate world settings.

Current features:

  • A 2D cell-based terrain generator that creates continent-based worlds with semi-realistic temperature and rainfall patterns. Biomes, like deserts and forests, are assigned to each cell based on its specific climate.
  • An alternate 3D globe visualization of the map with a simulated, cosmetic day/night cycle.
  • A map editor that allows you to modify the terrain in multiple ways: Offset the global seal levels, temperatures and global rainfall. Or use a brush to tweaks individual attributes on each cell.
  • Humanity starts from a single place on the map, either chosen by you or random, and spreads all over the world, adapting along the way to the diverse environments.
  • Populations in different places grow and evolve, diverging socially and technologically over time under the influence of environmental factors and interactions with other cultures.
  • Population groups can join and form basic political and territorial entities (polities). Each which might in turn develop its own language and culture.
  • Multiple map modes and overlays that will allow you to observe how human groups differ from each other on multiple aspects, from population densities to cultural attributes and technological advancements.
  • You can take over polity factions and have some level of influence on events that happen to them.

Planned features:

  • World Generation:
    • Add oceanic current. These will have an effect on climates, fishing and maritime routes.
    • Add drainage basins that will give raise to, rivers, aquifers and associated biomes.
    • Add geological/planetary events: volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, climate change, etc.
    • Add more customizable world generation parameters, templates and modding.
    • Add the ability to import custom world maps and population/polity setups.
    • Add support for bigger/smaller worlds.
  • History Simulation:
    • Add more production activities like fishing, herding, crafting.
    • Add cultural values to societies which will influence how different human groups behave, evolve and interact with each other.
    • Add more abstract cultural identification/separation mechanics (art, social customs, sports).
    • Add cults/religions which might expand and influence societies.
    • Add population centers (villages, towns, cities) to which populations will migrate and where more complex production systems (industries) can evolve.
    • Add a more robust agricultural system where different crops can be planted and harvested, and different animals can be domesticated and exploited.
    • Add to polities more complex politics, different forms of government and different social structures (ie. clan systems, caste/class based societies, egalitarian societies).
    • Add diplomatic interactions between polities: conflicts, treaties, alliances, etc.
    • Add trading routes between cities and polities.
    • Add modding for cultural attributes, political systems and events.
  • User Interface:
    • Add the ability to zoom into regions/polities.
    • Add more and improved visualization overlays and views.
    • Add data graphs and a history log viewer.
    • Add a 3D globe view.
  • Music/SFX:
    • Add basic UI sounds.
    • Add a procedural music generator that creates music tailored to individual cultures.
  • User/Player Interactions:
    • Improve a player’s ability to take control/influence individual polities.
    • Add the ability to ‘time-travel’ to arbitrary periods in a world’s past without the necessity to load a save.
    • Add an in-engine timelapse viewer/player.

Developed by Dr. Tardigrade.

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