Vault of Xenos

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Vault of Xenos

Play as a hero on a quest to bring back the power of Xenos. Evil creatures called Blights currently threaten your land and the only power capable of stopping them is the power of the Xenos. Release Xenos from his slumber using the magical keys. Slay demons and monsters along the way.

Discover and enchant items to strengthen your Xenos fighters. Build the best Xenos teams for each battle to defeat your enemies and restore order to the land!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Slay enemy waves and defend objectives by commanding Xenos. Completing levels awards keys to unlock other Xenos and resources to upgrade discovered items.

Hotkeys can be customized when the game is paused. Default keys:

Left mouse click to navigate and select.
1,2,3 – Select Xenos.
Q,W – First and second skill.
A – Attack command.
S – Stop command.
D – Move command.
P – Pause game.
~ – Inspect mode.
SPACE – Send wave.

Developed by Goody Gameworks