A Goody Life
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A Goody Life


Become what you want to be in A Goody Life.  A musician ? A athlete? A journalist? A simulation game model on reality.

Experience the second life in Goody city!
Do your daily basis activity such as learning piano, playing PC games, even performing on park!
Your goal is to establish your new family name by contributing some gold,
fill your pocket by working regularly, part-time cleaner, or at stock market!
Keep your charisma by improving your stat to unlock new thing such as cook new recipes or using new gear.
Explore the Goody city, so much good things to do!

Main objectives is to contribute enough Gold.
Collect Gold by applying for a job and doing daily job.
Collect extra Gold by doin activity around town.
Acquire Star coin by fulfill your daily desire.
Increase Intelligence, Sport, or Creativity stats to boost the effectiveness of your Gold collecting ability.
Keep your Happiness level high by playing games or watching TV.
Keep your Hunger level high by eating.
Keep your Bladder level high by using a toilet.
Keep your Hygiene level high by taking a shower.
Keep your Energy level high by sleeping.


A Goody Life was developed by Goody Gameworks.

How to Play:

Move and interact with object by left-clicking it.
SPACE – Rotate object and Used for Sport’s test.
ESC – Cancel selection.
DELETE – Sell object.
Alphabet key – Used for Journalist’s test.
A,S,D,J,K,L – Used for Creativity’s test.