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Chibi Knight


Embark on an exciting action-packed adventure in Chibi Knight! Assume the role of a charming and courageous Chibi Knight, entrusted with the noble task of saving a kingdom in peril. Armed with your trusty sword, engage in thrilling battles against a variety of enemies. Seek the guidance of wise wizards and harness their magical powers to aid you on your epic quest. As you progress, level up your character and enhance your abilities to confront even more formidable foes and conquer powerful bosses. The fate of the kingdom rests in your capable hands, so give it your all to protect its peace and prosperity!


egin your journey on the expansive overworld map, where you are free to explore the kingdom’s vast landscapes, except for certain restricted areas that require completing specific tasks. Your ultimate goal is to vanquish three colossal beasts that threaten the island, but before facing them, you must strengthen yourself by gaining experience points (XP) through battles against enemies.

Encountering enemies on the overworld triggers intense platforming battles. Engage in thrilling combat, eliminating hordes of foes to emerge victorious. While battles can be left at any time, true victory is achieved only by defeating all enemies. Unleash melee attacks and harness powerful magic spells obtained from wizards scattered throughout the overworld. Utilize your energy wisely, as spells require it to cast. Replenish energy by collecting blue energy jars. Beware of enemy attacks and projectiles, as they can cause damage. To recover health, gather hearts found along the way.

With each defeated enemy, you earn XP, allowing you to level up and enhance your capabilities. Invest your hard-earned XP into upgrading your sword, armor, and magic, depending on the resources available. Strengthen your character and become a formidable force against the looming threat. The fate of the kingdom rests in your hands as you journey through challenging battles, unravel the mysteries of the land, and strive to save Oukoku from impending peril.


  • Canyon Beast: A giant furball that uses a simple attack pattern – he makes three little hairballs, flings them upwards to have them fall from the sky, and then repeats the cycle.
  • Island Beast: A huge sea dragon that attacks from beneath the water
  • Red Knight: One of the three ancient guardians protecting the path to the Demon Beast.
  • Green Knight: Another one of the three guardians blocking the way to the Demon Beast.
  • Purple Knight: The third one of the three guardians obstructing the route to the Demon Beast.
  • Demon Beast: A gigantic floating one-eyed furball with tentacles
  • Demon Eye: The Demon Beast’s final form

This is a Adobe Flash game made in 2010 by BoMToons, now it is playable again on the modern web browser. Thanks to

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Arrow Keys: Move (Overworld)
    • Left/Right: Move left/right (Battles)
    • Up: Jump (Battles)
  • A: Attack, Select Option
  • S: Bring up the Spell Menu
  • P: Pause/Unpause