Treasure Trap

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Treasure Trap

Old-timey adventurers stealing heaps of ancient gold? Not in YOUR tomb! You’re a phantom with zero-tolerance for theft, and your not giving up your treasure without a fight. Use your ghostly wiles and booby traps to lure the intruders away from your gold and to their doom.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:

Try to stop the adventurers from stealing your temple’s treasure. Move around the temple using the Arrow or WASD keys. To interact with the traps and objects that will stop adventurers in their tracks, move over them and follow the on screen instructions. Press X to pause the game and see the level map.


– Sometimes holding a path closed long enough will cause the adventurers to give up and try for a different exit.

– When trying to stop 2 groups of adventurers, stagger them by holding one pair back. This allows you to deal with each group individually.

– Movable blocks and columns can sometimes be placed into pits that are unreachable to adventurers, keeping them from completing a puzzle.