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Cursed Treasure 2


Cursed Treasure 2 is a strategic defense game where you embrace your inner villain.

Control the forces of evil. Build towers of demons, orcs, and the undead to prevent do-gooders from stealing your precious gems and unleash a variety of devastatingly dastardly effects.

Now available on Android, take on paladins, ninjas, angels and more, each with their own unique special skills, and keep them from stealing your treasure across 24 levels. Earn skill points to upgrade your abilities, unlock magical spells, and much more. As they say, nice guys finish last… but with you in control, there’s no stopping your evilness.

Game features include hours of gameplay, including Night Mode, where darkness is against you, a variety of towers that evolve from three basic types, 30 mighty skills to master, 50 must-have badges for any evil Overlord, the Evilopedia (aka The Book of Forbidden Knowledge), and a special guest in the form of the Black Market Goblin, who offers powerful spells.


Cursed Treasure 2 is a tower defense flash game that was developed by IriySoft and released on August 30, 2013.

Updated now playable on the modern web browser.


Cursed Treasure 2 sets itself apart from other tower defense games by challenging players to prevent enemies from stealing and escaping with gems hidden in a cave, rather than just stopping them from reaching a destination. Each level has five gems hidden in one or two caves, and enemies enter the map from different entry points and attempt to steal the gems before escaping. If an enemy reaches a cave, they will take a gem and try to leave, and if they manage to escape with the gem, it is lost forever. Players must also be careful not to let enemies kill a carrier and pick up the gem, as this puts it at greater risk of being stolen by other enemies. To win a level, players must survive with at least one gem left, but if all five gems get stolen, the level is lost. Cursed Treasure 2 offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience for tower defense game fans.


  • Meadow Shire: A grassy town area where the commoners of the kingdom reside.
  • Holy Mountain: A mountainous region that is frequented by the Monks and Paladins of the Holy Order.
  • Tanglewood: A thick forest that serves as a habitat for Druids and nature-based monsters.
  • Arcania: A rocky area that is home to the Wizards of the kingdom.
  • The Coreland: The kingdom’s capital city, occupied by the King, his elite warriors, and engineers.
  • The Wasteland: A barren desert that is populated by vicious Barbarian warriors.
  • Free Coast: A seaside area that is under the control of Pirates.


  • Peasant: Low-level enemy with average stats and no special abilities.
  • Guard: Same as Peasant, but with higher HP.
  • Rogue: Fast-moving enemy who can temporarily boost his speed.
  • Knight: Armored enemy who takes reduced damage and gains a speed boost after his armor breaks.
  • Valkyrie: Flying enemy with wings that allow her to fly over water as long as she isn’t carrying a gem.
  • Bard: Occasionally plays music to boost the speed of one other enemy.
  • Monk: Occasionally uses healing magic to heal one other enemy.
  • Paladin: Wears special armor that makes him immune to negative effects from towers.
  • Druid: Can turn into a bird to fly over water, similar to Valkyrie but with more HP.
  • Ninja: Can turn invisible for a short time after taking damage.
  • Dendrologist: Constantly summons weak tree creatures called Dendroids.
  • Wizard: Can charge himself up with magic to boost his speed, then discharge the magic to heal and speed up nearby enemies.
  • Engineer: Throws smoke bombs when his HP is low, making enemies inside the smoke cloud invisible.
  • Barbarian: Same as Peasant but with much higher HP.
  • Amazon: Same as Knight, but also inflicts Charm on nearby towers after her armor breaks, temporarily preventing them from attacking.
  • Priestess: Occasionally generates a healing field around herself, healing enemies within range.
  • Pirate: When killed, a Parrot emerges and continues towards the gem cave.
  • Parrot: Fast-flying, weak enemy summoned when a Pirate or Smuggler is killed.
  • Monkey: Weak, fast-moving enemy summoned when a Smuggler is killed.
  • Diver: Has snorkelling equipment that makes him untargetable while swimming underwater.
  • Cook: Occasionally gives food or rum to an enemy, buffing them with healing or a temporary speed boost.


  • General: The boss of Meadow Shire in Level 3. He wears armor that can reduce three damage points from any damage he takes. Once the General’s HP drops to 50%, his armor breaks, and he becomes much faster. The General is also capable of summoning Knights and Valkyries while granting other enemies temporary armor that reduces one damage point from all damage they take.
  • High Priest: The boss of the Holy Mountain in Level 6. The High Priest has two different health intervals at 66% and 33% HP. At these intervals, the High Priest stops moving and surrounds himself with a holy aura, which makes him totally invincible and slowly heals his lost health. The High Priest also summons 3 Templars the first time and 5 Templars the second time. These Templars drop swords when killed that have to be collected. Once all the summoned Templars are killed, and their swords are collected, the High Priest’s aura gets dispelled, and he starts moving again. However, if the swords are not collected quickly, the Priest will have recovered a lot of health.
  • Archdruid: The boss of Tanglewood in Level 9. The Archdruid has a unique ability to turn himself into a tornado. When he transforms, he becomes invincible and throws several eggs around himself, which must be destroyed by clicking on them. If not destroyed, they will hatch and spawn enemies such as Druids and Elder Druids.
  • Archmage: The boss of Arcania in Level 12. The Archmage has the power to transform himself into either a Water Elemental or a Thunder Elemental. When he transforms, he also summons two of the opposite type. To turn the Archmage back into his normal form, the other two summoned Elementals must be defeated.
  • King: The boss of Coreland in Level 15. The King rides a mechanical throne that sometimes drops spare parts when damaged. Clicking on fallen spare parts causes them to explode, dealing heavy damage to the King and any nearby enemies. The King occasionally summons five Engineers and summons Iron Guards when his health reaches 80%. When his health drops to 30%, the throne’s armor breaks off, and the King starts running on his own, becoming much faster.
  • Barbarian Queen: The boss of Wasteland in Level 18. The Barbarian Queen can generate crystals by striking the ground with her axe, which then turn into Amazons and/or Priestesses. She can also sing an enchanting song that pulls the gems to her, but this does not affect the gems’ “untouched” status as long as no enemy reaches them.
  • Pirate Flagship: The boss of Free Coast in Level 21. Unlike the other bosses, the Pirate Flagship does not appear on the track and does not go for the gems directly because it is a giant pirate ship. It is also immune to fear. The Pirate Flagship launches a smoke bomb that explodes after a few seconds, but it can be clicked on to send it back at the Flagship to deal damage. While the Flagship is alive, Pirates, Divers, and Cooks will endlessly enter the level through the entry points. At 65% health, the Flagship will no longer summon Divers, but it will flip over and fire smoke bombs from its underside cannons, allowing it to fire three smoke bombs at a time instead of just one. During this phase, the entrances will spawn endless Smugglers and Iron Guards.


Cursed Treasure 2 is developed by iriysoft.

As always, good luck and Have Fun!

How to Play:

Use mouse

1 – build Den
2 – build Crypt
3 – build Temple
Q – cast Cut Out spell
W – cast Terror spell
E – cast Meteor spell

Hold Space for 2x speed
Enter – next wave

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Cursed Treasure 2 is a Strategy Game you can play online for free in full screen at KBH Games. Cursed Treasure 2 is also HTML5 games that be played on a mobile phone, tablet, and computer. Cursed Treasure 2 Game App is also available for your Android device on the GooglePlay Store. No download or installation needed to play this game. Hope this game bring a little joy into your daily life.