Cursed Treasure
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Cursed Treasure


In Cursed Treasure Game, you’ll immerse yourself in an epic tower defense experience. As the protector of precious gems, your objective is to strategically place towers and prevent the looters from stealing your valuable treasures. This addictive game offers a wide selection of heroes and tower types, adding depth and variety to your defensive strategies.

With over 15 challenging levels, Cursed Treasure Game provides hours of engaging gameplay. It runs smoothly on modern browsers, ensuring a seamless experience for players. To successfully complete a level, you must ensure that at least one gem remains safe from the invading armies. This task requires careful placement of towers to effectively defeat the enemy forces.

Different types of towers can only be placed on specific terrain types, so you must consider the landscape when designing your defense. Each tower inflicts different types of damage to enemy units, creating strategic choices to maximize your defensive capabilities. Prepare to face various enemies, including orcs, undead, and demons, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

As you gain confidence, you have the option to speed up the waves of enemies, intensifying the challenge. Some players prefer to establish early defenses to halt the enemy’s progress, while others adopt a mixed defense strategy, combining towers of different types to create a powerful bulwark at the end.

Are you ready to take on the role of the guardian and protect your precious gems from the relentless looters? Test your tactical skills, explore different strategies, and embark on an epic tower defense journey in Cursed Treasure Game!


Cursed Treasure is developed by iriysoft.

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