The Owl House: Witch’s Apprentice
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The Owl House: Witch’s Apprentice


The Owl House: Witch’s Apprentice is a platformer game where you play as Eda as he goes on his quest. Include many levels and many items to unlock and discover.

Quest Levels:

  1. Eda’s Missing Arm
  2. Eda’s Missing Leg
  3. Runaway Body
  4. Search for Collectibles
  5. The Search Continues
  6. Sell, Sell, Sell!
  7. Missing King
  8. More Ingredients
  9. Time to Cook
  10. Time for Traps
  11. More Traps, More Bombs
  12. Also Fire Crystals
  13. Traps for King
  14. Maybe This Time
  15. Return of the King

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Up Arrow/Space/W: Jump
  • Double tap Up Arrow/Space/W: Double Jump
  • Down Arrow/S: Crouch
  • Right Arrow/Left Arrow/A/D: Run
  • Down Arrow/S + Up Arrow/Space/W: Slide
  • Up Arrow/Space/W + Left Arrow/Right Arrow/A/D: Roll