Witch Trials

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Witch Trials

Long ago in a town named Puriton a Witch named Sal and his lover were taken from there home and convicted of witchcraft! But instead of a normal execution the witch must climb the ruins of a tall, goop engulfed, swarmed with monsters tower to find a long forgotten key or watch the love of his life be drowned in a cage in the towns pond. Do you have what it takes?

Witch Trials is a short but sweet run and gun esc game, with level layouts inspired by kid icarus for the NES and the controls inspired by bubble bobble your sure to have a fun adventure as you battle swarms of goop monsters, Spiders and snakes made of bones! This game was made in a span of about 2 months which is part of my own personal “re-branding” (AKA, me wanting to make more high-quality games no matter the length and not needing to rush myself to finish them.)

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Witch Trials is a short and sweet run and gun escape game. Layouts inspired by kid icarus and bubble bobble.

How to Play:

Arrows : Move
Up Arrow : Jump
X : Shoot