Sybil’s Tail

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Sybil’s Tail

Run, jump, slide, grab, and toss your way through 6 bite-sized areas as you search for a mysterious meteorite that fell nearby!

Developed by @sol_foxie.

Author Note:

This is my first published video game, and a project near and dear to my heart. Although I wrote the music, code, and pixelled art for the actual game by myself, that does not mean I could have done it alone! In particular, I would like to extend special thanks to @osmoru, whose adorable artwork formed the basis of the cartridge label design, and @kitorchid, who made the incredible cover art for the soundtrack. In addition to those commissions, I also received wonderful artwork of Sybil from @MarziManed and @_pexl, who are both very cool artists that you should check out as well! And of course, I would like to thank all testers and of course my friends, without y’all none of this would have been possible. And thank YOU for playing!!!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.