Heroes of Pico’s School
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Heroes of Pico’s School

Heroes of Pico’s School is a sokoban-style puzzle game that draws inspiration from Jonah Ostroff’s “Heroes of Sokoban” series and the iconic “Pico’s School.” This game challenges players to navigate through intricate puzzles by pushing blocks and solving spatial challenges reminiscent of classic sokoban gameplay. With elements that pay homage to its inspirations, this game blends the quirky aesthetic and themes of “Pico’s School” with the thoughtful, strategic puzzle design found in the “Heroes of Sokoban” series. It offers a unique puzzle-solving experience that both new players and fans of the original games will appreciate.

Not all heroes are perfect. Certainly not the heroes of Pico’s school.



  • Game development
  • Additional puzzles, storyboards and some GUI stuff
  • Music
  • Thank you
    • 3p0ch for testing the game!

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Arrow keys / WASD to move
  • X and C cycle between heroes, or number keys for quick select
  • Z for Undo
  • R for Reset
  • ALT + ENTER for fullscreen
  • P for Pause