Pico Untamed
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Pico Untamed


Pico Untamed is a point-and-click adventure game where Pico try to rescue his kidnapped friends.


After being invited to a picnic by his friends, Pico arrives to an empty field with nothing except for a note left behind for him. Without knowing who wrote it, Pico reluctantly goes off to rescue his kidnapped friends. Little does Pico know, there is something else waiting for him other than his captured companions… Something that he does not want to see. Navigate through prison halls, solve puzzles to get past guards, stand off against tough bosses, and get surprise endings in Pico Untamed.


  • Art was made by TrickWithATwist
  • Most of the programming was done by TrickWithATwist
  • Programming Assistance and Polishing, Music system, Medals setup, Atomica boss code and other means of help from @DJRahimAli
  • Soundtrack was composed by @Kovonaut and Average Burgerboy
  • Voice clips were provided by @yuvarelle
  • Story was written by me, with help from @thespirantized, Fish, and @Kovonaut
  • Special thanks to @XZCendence for being the original programmer, thank you for letting me finish what we started :)
  • Special thanks to @Dungeonation for creating the NG.io extension used for medals
  • Special thanks to @plufmot for creating a full screen extension used
  • Special thanks to Tom Fulp for being the main inspiration behind this game
  • Pico Day 2023

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

Hallway Controls

  • Use the mouse to point and click on objects to interact with them
  • Click on the icons in the inventory to use your items
  • Click on Pico’s friends to talk to them

Boss Controls

  • Use the A and D keys to move Pico left and right
  • Use the mouse to aim and click on Bosses to deal damage

Misc Controls

  • Press 1 to enable and disable fullscreen