Suika Games (Watermelon Game)
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Suika Games (Watermelon Game)

Suika Games is an Tetris-like game but with fruits.  Call it “Watermelon Game”,  Fruit Stack-Up” or “Fruity Tetris”. The goal is to stack watermelons, melons, pineapples, and all sorts of fruits, so it doesn’t cross the line on the top.

But, how do you that with limited space?  Well, you see, when two fruits of the same kind touched, they evolve into bigger fruits. The biggest one we can get is a watermelon! And the whole point of the game is to score as many points as we can before our box is full. So, the secret mission is to get that super-duper watermelon by combining all the fruits.

What is your high score?

Here are some handy tips for the Suika game:

  1. Quick, quick! Combine fruits to make them bigger and don’t let the box get too full.
  2. Think hard about where you put your fruits. If you see two melons, make them buddies and create a pineapple party!
  3. Try to do something cool – it’s called a combo! That’s when you put two or more fruits together at the same time. Combos make you a superstar and give you more points!
  4. Don’t sweat it if you make mistakes. There’s no one perfect way to play. Just have fun and try different things!

This clone of the game is made by TomboFry

Just Have Fun!