StarTropics 2 – Zoda’s Revenge

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StarTropics 2 – Zoda’s Revenge

StarTropics 2 – Zoda’s Revenge is an action-adventure video game released only in North America in 1994.

The story begins with Mike Jones receiving a telepathic message from Mica, the princess of the Argonians whom Mike had rescued in the previous game. She tells Mike how to solve a cipher that he and his uncle, Dr. J, found on the side of the Argonians’ space pod. Mike goes to see Dr. J, and together, they solve the cipher and read it aloud. This causes Mike to be flung into the past. He arrives in the Stone Age. After helping a tribe of cave men retrieve their children from a flesh-eating wild boar, he finds an object, which Mica telepathically identifies as a Tetrad (or “Block” in the Virtual Console version). From here, Mike’s journey sends him to different eras throughout Earth’s history to retrieve the rest of the Tetrads, such as Ancient Egypt, the Renaissance period, and the Middle Ages.

During one time jump, in which Mike helps Sherlock Holmes prevent a robbery at the museum, he discovers that Zoda, the alien leader that he had destroyed in his previous adventure, is alive in Holmes’ time period and is also trying to collect the Tetrads. Mike defeats Zoda again and claims the Tetrad that Zoda tried to steal. Based on the fact that Zoda referred to himself as “Zoda-X”, Holmes deduces that there are likely to be a Zoda-Y and Zoda-Z somewhere in time, as well. This is proven to be true, as Mike later faces and defeats Zoda-Y in Transylvania. After he recovers the last of the Tetrads, Mica contacts Mike and tells him that Zoda-Z has attacked C-Island, where the Argonians are staying. Mike returns to the present and faces Zoda-Z in combat. After finally defeating Zoda, the Chief of C-Island (who boasts that “Tetris” is his middle name, though the Virtual Console rerelease changes it to “Puzzle”) helps Mike put the Tetrads together. When they are together, Hirocon, the leader of the Argonians and Mica’s father, appears and explains he had sealed himself in the Tetrads and scattered them across time before Zoda’s attack. He leads the Argonians back to their home planet to rebuild.


As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

Controller to Keyboard Mapping =

Only keyboard is required to play. Pretend your keyboard is the a game controller. Check the controller setting by clicking the "Set Up Keyboard" button at the bottom of the game. A console-to-keyboard mapping will be displayed, for example, a - Z, mean "a" button on console/joystick is equal to Z key on your keyboard.

Start/Pause = Enter

Default Keyboard Mapping
Inside The Game Your Keyboard
Move/D-PAD =[W],[A],[S],[D] on Keyboard
A, B Button =[J],[K] on Keyboard
START, SELECT =[Enter], [SPACE-BAR] on Keyboard

SAVE GAME: Hover over the game canvas. A save button will appear at the top of the game screen. When you click "Save" button, the save code (spot) will be saved onto your browser's storage system automatically.

LOAD GAME: Come back anytime in the future, simply click "Load" to resume from your latest save spot. (Assuming you did not clear your browser' data

RECOMMENDED browser is Chrome