Shiron Castle
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Shiron Castle

A short (3-4 hours) pokemon fan-made game where you play as a delivery boy. What amazing adventure will you encounter?


You take on the role of a delivery boy assigned with the task of delivering an item to an individual named Javier in Daiman Village—a small, history-rich rural settlement nestled within the Tauron region. Upon arriving at Javier’s residence, you discover that he has ventured to the nearby castle situated west of the village. He departed due to a sense of unease emanating from the castle, leading his concerned mother to request your help in locating him, given his extended absence.

Your journey takes you to the castle where an unexpected scene unfolds: the lively “ancient battles fair.” This bustling celebration commemorates the transformation of the Shiron region into modern-day Tauron following the downfall of the tyrant King Tasqui-Shiron and the dissolution of his monarchy. Inside the castle walls, various challengers await you. Among them are channelers striving to commune with the castle’s spirits to glean insights into its history. Additionally, knight cosplayers, specializing in training steel-type Pokémon, stand ready to test your skills.

As you progress, you delve into the depths of Shiron Castle’s history, the broader narrative of Tauron, and the intricate tapestry of past alliances and conflicts, both internal and external to the region. The road ahead holds numerous revelations. Will you uncover Javier amidst the castle’s expanse? To unfold the complete story, I’ll refrain from revealing too much and urge you to immerse yourself in this narrative-driven adventure. Enjoy the experience as it unfolds!


  • Pokeemerald by the awesome fellows over at Pret.
  • Pokeemerald expansion by the equally awesome nerds at Rom Hack Hideout.
  • Aveontrainer for the knight overworld sprite (which were edited by me.)
  • Pyredrid for various new Pokémon overworld sprites (also edited by me.)
  • “Follow me” mechanic by Ghoulslash.
  • Anthroyd for hosting this really cool contest.

Just Have Fun!