SCP-096 Modest
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SCP-096 Modest


SCP-096 Modest immerses players in a tense and atmospheric horror-stealth survival game where stealth and silence are your greatest allies. In this challenging game, you face Skromnik, a uniquely terrifying monster that, despite being blind, hunts with lethal precision using sound alone. The game’s design demands extreme caution, strategic movement, and quick thinking to avoid attracting Skromnik’s attention.

Set in a chilling environment enhanced by an atmospheric soundtrack, each session in “SCP-096 Modest” is fraught with tension. The levels are procedurally generated, offering endless replayability and continuous surprises, ensuring no two playthroughs are the same.

Your primary objective is to survive until rescue arrives. This involves moving quietly, using the environment for cover, and managing any noise you make. Any careless sound can be fatal, drawing Skromnik directly to you. Winning means staying alive, leveraging your agility, attentiveness, and strategic planning to outsmart Skromnik and escape his deadly grasp. Perfect for fans of horror, stealth, and survival games seeking an intense and engaging gaming experience.


SCP-096 Modest is developed by DarkPlay.

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