Vermin God – Prologue
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Disclaimer: This is a horror visual novel game. Rated Teen and older.

Vermin God – Prologue


Vermin God is a horror visual novel game where your choices matter. You make choices as the story progress and make choices based on your mood or the available information.

Every choice truly matter as the narrative is carefully crafted to produce an immersive interactive horror experience in the visual novel medium that haven’t been done before.

Inspired by the SCP Foundation‘s SCP-027 (“The Vermin God”)


You play the story of Sye Mejia; an 18-year old girl infected by an unknown diseased dubbed as Anomaly 270 or the Vermin God Disease. Not much is still known regarding this mysterious disease beside from the fact that it enigmatically attracts animals that can be labelled as “vermin” into the victim’s body and surrounding vicinity.

Rats, roaches, worms and various other insects of sort gather around the victim, producing what can only be seen as a living human infestation.


Made by Neuroticfly Games and Kenomic Games


SCP-027” by Quikngruvn, from the SCP Wiki. Source: Licensed under CC-BY-SA.
Ambiment by Kevin MacLeod | Music promoted by Creative Commons CC BY 3.0

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